Taiwan, Taichung Mission

Taiwan, Taichung Mission

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Week 5

Dear Friends and Family,

Another week over at the MTC. The time is staring to fly by! We now have less weeks left than we have to go, which is very exciting. Although the MTC is awesome and I'm learning a ton, it is starting to become very repetitive. I'm still loving it, but feel like I've been here for a lot longer than a month.. I'll try to tell some of highlights from the week.

Tuesday we had a devotional from Elder Walker. He gave a great talk on how to be a happy and successful missionary, and it was one of my favorite talks yet! Wednesday was really fun because we got two new districts of mandarin Elders in our zone! They are going to Taipei, Canada, and Australia. It's really fun to have new faces in the building, and fun to finally feel "older' than some of the people in our zone. Me and Elder Trotter are getting a lot better at teaching in our "discussions." We realized from some of the things we've learned that we try to teach too much every time. We've begun to cut back and only teach one or two concepts every lesson, but make sure they're taught very simply, clearly, and bring the spirit. For example, a few days ago, we taught nothing but the first vision, but we knew exactly how to talk about everything, went really slowly, and I think for the first time felt a little power from the gift of tongues! I memorized the first vision in Chinese, but when I've tried to recite it in lessons, I fell really pressured and stumble all the way through. This time, it just kind of came out of me and I even had to stop for a second in the middle because I was feeling the spirit so strong! It felt like me and Elder Trotter knew exactly what we were thinking, and were soo hyped when we got out! Probably the coolest thing that's happened at the MTC, its especially crazy that we can feel the spirit like that considering the investigators are actually our teachers and its all role play! Crazy stuff. I can't even imagine what its going to be like when I actually get out in the field. Ahhh I can't wait! The lessons following weren't as cool as that one, but we see improvement every day!

The rest of the week pretty much blurred by. We had a devotional last night from Brother Allen again. I think they just have him come every once in a while when someone falls through, because apparently he comes a lot. I don't mind though because he's hilarious and fun to hear speak. So many missionaries are hear now, I'm starting to feel claustrophobic... Sometimes I'll walk into the cafeteria, and there's barely an empty seat in the whole place! Sometimes I'm kind of annoyed when its super crowded like that, but then I think about how everyone there is a missionary. It gets me pumped to know that many people are willing to do something this crazy for the Lord!

Hopefully I didn't bore you, I'll try to keep the letters as exciting as possible! So grateful for all the love and support!! Love you all :)

-Elder Gilbert

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