Taiwan, Taichung Mission

Taiwan, Taichung Mission

Monday, August 10, 2015


Wow the weeks are going by at hyper speed now, and I can't believe that 2 weeks from right now we'll be packing up our bags to go! Had a very great week with a few fun highlights, hopefully you all enjoy! 

Monday, me and Elder Trotter Skyped a member in Taiwan! That's what we do for our TRC's now, and it was super cool. We talked to a brother not much older than us named Charles, and he was great. It was so fun to talk to a person in Taiwan, and we actually had a great talk. Everyone was teasing me that I learned the Chinese word for football (meishi zuqiu), but I told him II liked football and he went nuts! He showed us his phone screensaver that had a picture of Jerry Rice, haha he was so happy we brought that up. He kept telling us he loved us, which was a good thing because we had to get him to repeat everything a bunch of times to understand at all. Its really hard A: because Zhongwen, and B: We're in a big room of computers and everyone is talking to someone, so its really loud. Still a great experience. After the lesson, I really felt a strong love for the Taiwanese people, and I'm not even there yet!

Tuesday, after weeks and weeks up getting our hopes up every devotional, we FINALLY got an apostle. President Nelson spoke to us! It was so cool to see as he walked in, everyone was so calm and respectful. Usually all the missionaries are really loud and talkative before devotionals, and it was nice to see that an Apostle of God could command so much respect. He spoke on being an "Epistle to the Lord" and about how we can be a "High Wattage Missionary." My favorite part was that he focused on how simple the message of the Gospel is, and how its a story about a father that loves his children and wants them to make good choices. It was a great thing to think about, as sometimes I think we make it more complicated than it needs to be. In essence its just a message of love and happiness! I really felt a confirmation of President Nelson's divine calling.

This week we also got our Chinese name tags (The name in Chinese too). I have a picture of me wearing it that I'll try to send! We also finally got Shi ge ben's!!! (hymnbooks hopefully spelled right).  Both of those got me really excited to get to Taiwan. Its also crazy because today and tomorrow, we lose all the Chinese missionaries that are older than us :( We're now the oldest Chinese, and some of the oldest in the entire MTC. This is finally the week that all the new English speaking missionaries won't beat us out of the MTC, because we'll be leaving the same day! We also get our travel plans this Friday. It is going to be really hard to focus, but Taiwan will be a lot more fun if I feel like I've worked as hard as I can. A few of the Elders leaving didn't get their Visas, and are going to Idaho, California, and Washington (not Chinese Speaking) This kind of scared me, but I'll keep my fingers crossed! I'm sure there's a good reason, and that if my Visa doesn't come through I'll be OK :) 

So that's a quick recap of the week, the language is very slowly, but surely coming, and I love being humbled by it! On the topic of focusing, we read a great little piece by President Uchtdorf. He talked about always staying in the middle no matter if you are just starting or just ending. It was a great message for me as my time is running short here. I am really trying to work like I am not almost out, and not coast and think that it'll be easier in the mission field. I really need it! I'm starting to get used to the sleep schedule, but I still get very sleepy during class. Lots of wall sits and push ups to wake me up haha. I also read my scriptures standing up during personal time! Although I'm dying to get to Taiwan, I know I still have a lot more to learn here, and I could not be more excited to do so. I love the gospel, the MTC and being a missionary! 

Thanks for keeping me updated and for all the support from everyone, I really feel the love! Miss everyone, but loving the work:) 

-Elder Gilbert
My Chinese name tag 

My new Chinese hymn book

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