Taiwan, Taichung Mission

Taiwan, Taichung Mission

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Double Baptism week!!

Wow what a great week!! I can't believe that we had two baptisms. I'll focus on that for my letter, and maybe throw in another cool experience.

Baptism was awesome! It was pretty scary at first, because someone turned off the water, and it wasn't super high. Poor Minting (Alex) had to be baptized three times. It was a super bad combo, because his dad wouldn't practice the baptism before, and then the water was really low. Haha everyone was so confused, but it all worked out eventually and was super cool! It was awesome to hear Zhonglin give his testimony, he was really scared to. I also really enjoyed seeing the ward congratulate the two of them after. It was also very special to see both of them confirmed the following day, and see how excited they were.

Two lessons learned form the baptisms: Both of the baptisms came from part member families. The family members were so encouraging, and helped in ways we as missionaries could never do! I'm so grateful for this. I could really see how families strengthen each other.

I also learned a lot about the power of prayer. The first Saturday I was here, we gave Zhonglin his baptismal goal. He said yes, but was sort of iffy. He didn't come to church the next day, and said he was feeling too much pressure about baptism. That night, we really committed to pray hard for our investigators. Every single prayer, we sincerely asked with faith that they could be blessed and helped. We gave Zhonglin some space for a few days, then met with him again. He was on fire! He was super excited or baptism, and wanted to learn as much as he could. I completely attribute this turn around to our prayers and have really gained a testimony that it really works!

Super special week, I'm glad for all the experiences I have been able to have. The church is so true, and there's so many things he wants to bless us and others with if we'll jut ask. Thanks for all the support, I'm loving it here!!

Much Love,

Elder Gilbert

Zhonglin and his family

Minting and his dad

Two ice cream cones for two baptisms

Mango Bing!!  This is definitely my favorite food.

This picture is for the little girls.  The ward made us some of the golden curry.  I still think moms is better though:)

Shi Tou (All you can eat)

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