Taiwan, Taichung Mission

Taiwan, Taichung Mission

Monday, October 12, 2015

1st move call: check

One transfer down! Wow this is flying by, I can't believe how much I've learned and how much fun I've had. It was a super good close out week and very busy. We got two new Elders in our apartment, and its been a whirlwind to get it ready for them! 

The week started off pretty awesome when we went to a chi dao bao (Eat till full) with all you can eat hagen daaz (?) ice cream. That was a definite highlight :) This week was crazy because we had some sort of big meeting or event every single day. It was a hard week for missionary work, but I still feel like we helped a lot of people and had some really good experiences. On Tuesday, we had our ZTM, which took up a big chunk of the day. Still very fun though, and I feel like I improved my missionary work. 

I think one of my favorite things of the week was being able to go down to Gaoxiong for a trainer follow up meeting. I got to see a bunch of my MTC friends that I hadn't seen in 6 weeks, we had a fun couple hours together. Although it was a great day, it was also very busy as we had to do a lot of traveling.. Loved it! Thursday was super crazy, because we found out that we were getting two new Elders in our Apartment that would be white washing into our ward. We had to do a bunch of stuff to get their beds and rooms ready. Friday we had this crazy stake Olympics thing. The whole stake gathered at this field and there was a bunch of super funny competitions. The Taiwanese people are so funny! They were super intense with all these really silly games, it was such a crack up to watch, but I feel like my description couldn't really do it justice. Just picture maybe 100 asians racing/playing capture the flag/dancing. I've never really seen anything like it, and I had so much fun! 

Saturday and Sunday were so amazing. General Conference provided much needed inspiration, and I had such a wonderful time watching it. I really feel like I prepared well with questions. There seemed to be a strong theme of personal improvement, which is so good to have as a missionary. I think that my favorite talk was President Eyring's where he talked about his dad receiving spiritual promptings. Saturday morning almost felt like Christmas, I was so excited. (haha I don't think I would have thought of that before the mission) It was so fun to see all the members come and gather together, and we had big lunch parties in between the sessions.. I am excited to restudy the talks and try to receive more inspiration for me and my investigators. The most impressive thing from the weekend may be that I only fell asleep once the entire time (I don't think I could really make it thorough an entire session previously).

The two new Elders we got in our apartment were Elder Booth and Elder Bradford. Super fun, Elder Bradford was in the MTC with me, and he just got on Island. His trainer is from Australia, and has a super sweet accent. Its going to be super fun to be in the same apartment as them the next few months! Our ward is going to explode now! I'm excited to see the boost they'll give to us. Its pretty tough for them though, because they are in training, and are whitewashing. This means they'll start with no investigators, basically from scratch. We've been helping them get oriented the last few days, and it'll be fun to see them progress. 

Thanks for all the support, I feel particularly grateful for all the birthday emails I'm getting! I'm going to have a super hard time responding to all of them this week! I feel so much love, and have so many great people in my life :)


Elder Gilbert

All you can eat Haagen Daaz ice cream!

A cool little view in Elders Moody's area when I was on splits with him this week.

BYUI pictures for Grandma Gilbert

End of the move call!  this is our district and each chair represents the number of transfers finished.

Answers to a few questions:

1) We're kind of hitting a little bit of a slump with investigators, but that's ok, because it'll get our dilligence up! The one 14 year old is golden, named william. He has a date in Nov, and he seems like a lock. the rest are kind of up in the air. We have a goal for two baptisms this move call, and i think we'll be able to get it.

2)Elder Pearce is awesome! He's super funny, and we have a really good time together. Also, I don't know if I mentioned, but Elder Trotter is in my zone and I saw him a bunch last week! He's doing super good

3) Chinese is good, but frustrating! A few weeks ago me and Elder Pearce started waking up 30 minutes early, and if we get ready quick, have an hour of language study in the morning before personal even starts. I feel improvement, but its always a roller coaster. Its definitely getting better way faster than it did in the MTC. Which is weird, because it was so much more of a focus there.

4) President has a rule that we study PMG and the Book of Mormon every day, I love it. This week I really tried to prepare for conference by pondering what questions I wanted to ask as well as reading old talks. Conference was the best! I had such a good time! 

Wow! Did you tell everyone about my birthday? I have SO many emails! Thanks so much for everything, let me know if there are any onther questions!

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