Taiwan, Taichung Mission

Taiwan, Taichung Mission

Sunday, October 18, 2015

The temperature's cooling down, the Work's heating upppp

By far my favorite week! I feel like I say that a lot, but still I think I can definitely say that. We had a crazy amount of super cool  experiences. It was also a super fun birthday week, and with seeing ward members at different times, it felt like the entire week was my birthday! 

Going into this week, we kinda were bummed out, because a bunch of investigators had to be dropped, but the exciting thing was that we had a ton of time to find. Street contacting is probably my favorite thing to do by far. Its just a nice 2-3 minute conversation usually, not a lot of room for me to get too lost in the Chinese. There's just so much potential on the roads, because the city is so packed with people! Basically all of Wednesday and Thursday was spent contacting, and those two days were probably as different as possible. Wednesday consisted of basically constant rejection. I don't know why, but I don't think I talked to more than 5 people that were willing to even hear what I had to say. We were so exhausted after. Probably the best way I can show how different they were is by this new system that Elder Pearce and I came up with. We made up this contacting points scoring system to be able to track how successful our day was. Its pretty simple, a small thing, like getting a phone number is worth one point, and something like setting up an actual time to meet or come to church is worth more. Kind of weird, but it makes the contacting more trackable and fun for us haha. So after a full day of contacting Wednesday, basically doing nothing else, we had 6 points. Super, super bad!  It was like 1 point an hour. Thursday came around, and the schedule was basically the same, one lesson and the rest contacting. We decided that we needed to mix something up to make it more successful. We made half hour goals for how many points we wanted, and decided we would have a prayer at every 30 min block and check our progress. Based on how the day before went, I think we made a goal for 17 points total. Then all of a sudden the roads were on fire. You know in Mario when you get one of those stars and you're invincible for a little while? That's kind of what the entire day felt like. It was nuts! We ended up with 54 points. So many interested people were willing to talk, and meet with us. Seriously the craziest day, I had such a fun time doing it too. I think what made it especially awesome was that the day before was so bad. I think that kind of relates to all the trials we get. A huge blessing that comes from them is that the good times become even better. 

Because of all the crazy contacting, we had a super awesome weekend where we were lucky to get a ton of lessons and new investigators. I think this week was probably one of the most successful we've had.  

It was so fun last week to get so many nice messages, and so awesome to wake up Wednesday morning with a super fun birthday and Halloween package! I felt so loved, and we tried to make the apartment look pretty fun with all the decorations haha. The members and missionaries here were so nice to me and we had so much fun. That night was English class, and there was a little mini party at the end where some members got a cheesecake form Costco for me! It was so awesome and I felt so much love! The fun just kept going all week, and somehow on Sunday, it seemed like the whole ward knew! I got a million little notes from the primary kids, and everyone was telling me happy birthday. That night, the Stake President and his family had us and a few other families over for dinner. They had another cake and were all super nice to me! Our ward is so awesome, and the Taiwanese people are so nice! I'd probably have to say it was the best Birthday, and I wouldn't have wanted to spend it anywhere else :) 

Can't wait to build on the momentum from this week, and keep the fire going! 

Love you all so much,
Elder Gilbert
Ward members took us tout for a big lunch at Costco.  It's probably my favorite place to eat!!

Birthday cheesecake

Birthday decorations :)

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