Taiwan, Taichung Mission

Taiwan, Taichung Mission

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Work hard, Pray hard

If this week could be summed up in one word it would definitely be tired... Don't get me wrong it was great, but for some reason there was a lot of work to be done, and not a lot of energy to do it. You know its bad when you fall asleep in the middle of the morning ab circuit.... Regardless, I am super happy and I had a lot of fun and spiritual experiences.

This whole week kind of had a theme of replenishing our old investigator pool with solid new people ready for baptism. Last week we had a lot of new investigators, and it was really exciting! One of my favorite things that happened was at English class this week. I don't know if I've really mentioned or not, but every Wednesday night we have a free English class. It is not exactly one of my favorite things, mostly because I've started to realize that my English isn't actually that good (You've probably noticed from these letters).
I always feel so self conscious when the people come up to me and ask me some really weird/complicated grammar question that I don't really know how to answer right. (There's a bunch that have basically perfect English that just come to practice using it). SO anyways, I've never had a crazy good attitude about it, but its kind of changed the past couple of weeks with a super cool investigator that started to come. His name is Kyle and last week we set him on a baptismal goal. Then this week he brought his twin brother/roommate and he also set a date! Super awesome, I'm getting a much better attitude towards class, and love seeing how this cool opportunity for service can bring others to Christ!

It was super funny, this week we ran into an investigator that we dropped a month ago. He went off to college, and when he came back he was pretty rude to us and told us not to talk to him any more. He's buddies with a guy in our ward and they both came to help clean the church this week. We happened to be there too, and went up and talked to him like we were still old buddies. We were super nice and friendly with him, and he didn't know how to respond at all. I hope that us being nice to him maybe will one day help him meet with missionaries again. 

As I mentioned, both me and Elder Pearce were super tired this week. We don't really know why, it was just kind of one of those weeks. It was a really good opportunity to be able to rely on the Lord and have a lot of faith that He'll strengthen us. Its kind of like the scripture in Ether 12:27, when we are week, we are drawn to the Lord. I feel that He's given us a lot of miracles, and I'm getting better at recognizing his hand in my life.

I did want to mention that this week I ate stinky tofu! I've been so scared to try it, but finally did it! It honestly smells worse then anything. Hard to describe, its kind of like a sewer, but worse. We got some fried kind, and it wasn't too bad. I just loaded it up with all these spicy sauces and actually enjoyed it! I think maybe that means I'm assimilating myself into the culture? I was hoping that eating it would make my Chinese better, but sadly I still mostly ting bu dong (listen, but don't understand)... I'm slowly getting used to the culture/weird food/weird mannerisms, but the Taiwanese never cease to amaze. But yes, that was one of my proudest accomplishments of the week. 

Alright, thats about it... Thanks for everything, I hope that my letters can give some help or advice. I'm grateful for all the advice I'm getting from others. Love you all so much :))


Elder Ge Zhang Lao

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