Taiwan, Taichung Mission

Taiwan, Taichung Mission

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Hitting the roads and Halloween

Alright, I can't believe its already time to write another letter. The time seems to be flying by, I've only got three more weeks with Elder Pearce! I love emailing and writing these letters, but I also wish I could better convey the crazy/hard/funny/inspiring experiences I'm having. Hope I can at least give you a little taste! 

It was a pretty good week of lessons, but somehow we also had a lot of contacting time!  Right now it looks like we have two investigators that will get baptized before Elder Pearce leaves. William, our 14 year old in the LA family, is a special kid. I don't know how much I've talked about him, but he is a stud! He's ranked in the top 30ish in Taiwan for 16 and under tennis players, so he loves Elder Pearce. We go play with him and his dad every Saturday morning. What's especially cool about him is how interested he is in the church. He's this super funny, athletic kid, but also loves having spiritual discussions and reading from the Book of Mormon with us. I think my favorite experience of the week was watching the Joseph Smith Movie with him. He watched the entire movie so intently, and asked a bunch of questions to better understand. The movie isn't translated in Chinese, it only has the subtitles, so I'd assume its not exactly the most entertaining thing of all time. He had thought he had believed in the Joseph Smith story before, but still didn't completely know. After watching, he says he believes all of it and is super excited to be baptized. I'm so excited to see where he goes, I really think he's going to be a great boost to the young men's.

Another cool thing that happened this week was with our twins that come to English class. They came across some anti Mormon stuff and were a little concerned when we met with them. I was really impressed with how Elder Pearce handled the situation. He was in Detroit for two months at the beginning of his mission, and got hit with anti Mormon things all the time. He was really good at not getting into an argument, and helped them realize that a testimony of the Book of Mormon could cancel out all other doubts. We also had a super awesome member with us that was the old bishop, and he explained it in a better way that our Chinese could. Our ward is apparently one of the best in Taiwan, there are a ton of really awesome members who really help out our investigators. The twins Kyle and Mackey have already gotten a little bit of a testimony and I think have felt the spirit. It was cool to see them hang on to that little bit of faith they already have, and be willing to continue to meet with us. They said that they still want to work to their baptismal date, I loved seeing their faith. (Another note on them, shwang bao tai is twin in chinese, and shuai means handsome. We call them Shuai bao tais, and everyone thinks its the funniest joke of all time! haha I bet that doesn't sound very funny, buts that's a little sample of Taiwanse humor :))

We had some cool lessons, but also had a pretty unsuccessful week of contacting. It just seemed like there weren't a lot of people interested. I really think we worked hard and with a lot of faith, but by the weekend we were still pretty slim on new investigators and people willing to come to church. I still think the Lord rewarded our efforts, on Sunday 5 people came to church, and a bunch of people were willing to meet with us! It was crazy, that's the most people I've had at church in a week, probably doesn't sound like a lot, but it was really good :) It was a very exciting day, and I'm sure that fasting also had something to do with it. Good things always happen on fast Sundays. 

Halloween was awesome! I think it was the first big American holiday I've been in Taiwan for. Our ward mission leader had us and a few other families over for a big Halloween dinner, it was super fun! The funniest part was that I tried to give all the little kids that came the little spiders and vampire fangs mom send and it freaked them out! I totally thought they'd like them, but when I pulled them out the kids got all scared and just said no thanks. haha kind of sad... I don't think the Taiwanese people like scary stuff quite as much as Americans. Our ward mission leader cooked us up these bacon steak sandwiches with mashed potatoes, soo good! He likes to give us American food, and he's a pretty good cook. Great night and a great week! 

Love you :)

Our Book of Mormon Shipment this week
Elder Gilbert

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