Taiwan, Taichung Mission

Taiwan, Taichung Mission

Monday, December 21, 2015

New stake, Caroling for dayz, and Bking like Lance Armstrong

Oh man, another week another letter... Its been a pretty hard week, but a good one. We have a tough area here, and at times it's a little discouraging. That's alright though, so many fun things to be grateful for!

This week was filled with a lot of long bike rides. We have a really big ward Christmas party on the 25th and are trying to invite a bunch of Less Actives with these Christmas Cards we made. Its super hard in the afternoons here because its literally a ghost town. Everyone is just gone... There's a good amount of people out at night, but thats when we have all of our lessons. Its kind of been a dilemma, but we're working through it. Everyone goes and works in the city, or is at work here. The only people that you every really see on the streets are all the old ones that don't even speak Chinese (or at least pretend the can't). I don't know how much I've talked about it, but down here everyone speaks this weird dialect of Chinese called taiyu. It sounds a lot like the Genosians in episode 2 of Star Wars and is super ugly.One time we even had our Gospel Principles class in it, sometimes gets a little painful. The only other thing you really see besides the old people is a bunch of stray dogs that really don't like white people. They bark a ton, but are never brave enough to charge.  Alright, I'll stop complaining, I really am having a good time, just thought you'd like to know about some of the stuff we get a kick out of down here :)

We have this super awesome area called Fangliao that we like to go to, the only problem is its an hour away by bike. Elder McDougal and I sometimes joke about asking President if we can camp out there some nights, because we have a few really cool investigators and LA's that live there. We just found a less active man there that sells stinky tofu. He's been LA for a while and didn't know that the church house had moved to a new area. We are meeting with him next week and he's going to give us a bunch of his tofu, oh boy! 

As you can see from my previous rant, finding is a little hard to do here. We have had to get a little creative at times. Since Christmas is this week, we've been doing a good amount of Christmas Caroling! Its hilarious, and very awkward, but I think has softened some hearts. As Most of you know, I am not exactly a great singer. Not helping is the fact that I'm fairly certain my companion is tone deaf... It didn't sound too good, and a lot of people were not impressed. On the other hand, a few families thought it was sweet, and liked it. We'll keep that up for a little while, because most Taiwanese people have no idea when Christmas actually is. 

Last thing of the week, yesterday they created a new stake out of the two Gaoxiong ones. I am now a part of the Ping Dong stake! We had Elder Wong of the 70 come and do the meeting, I love him because he's funny and uses English! Cool to see the work progressing here in Taiwan! Hopefully we can have another good week and some people will feel the Christmas Spirit we have! 

I love it here, even the hard parts. I'm trying to find the Lord's tender mercies, even when it feel like not many things are going right. Love you guys, and can't wait to talk on Friday :)))) 

Elder Gilbert

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