Taiwan, Taichung Mission

Taiwan, Taichung Mission

Monday, December 7, 2015

Xiao Liuqiu

Alright, its been a crazy p day! This may not be the greatest letter, but I'll make up for it with some supa sweet pictures!

Today we went to this little island about 30 minutes off the coast of Taiwan called Xiao Liuqiu. We got up early this morning and biked all the way to Dong Gang and went off. It was super crazy to be out on the water, and the place we went was so cool! They have a bunch of beaches and we got to go on a hike into these caves. We went exploring on the beach, and it almost felt like I was back in Coronado for a little.. Very pretty


Other highlights of the week... biking was a lot easier, I am getting in real good shape. We have the mission Christmas party at Sun Moon lake next Thursday, that will be awesome! I get to go to two crazy places in Taiwan in back to back weeks! I don't have a ton of crazy stuff, it felt like we were going to have a less busy week, but with all the travel time, it turned out to be pretty busy. In the afternoons we had a good amount of trackting time, and my companion is going to be a geologist and loves rocks. The whole time he gave me a lot of solid information on Taiwanese rocks, quite interesting. Our ward is super into helping us, during priesthood they talked to us for a good chunk about LA's we could help. One that has a car even drove us out to meet with a really cool investigator family in one of our secondaries. It was probably a 30 minute drive out, but he was willing. Its fun to see members in such a small ward so committed. 

Like I said, our ward is pretty small, and lots of funny things happen when its this size. During fast and testimony meeting, this kind of weird member got up and spoke for 15 minutes about a lot of random stupid things, and made up a bunch of inaccurate quotes. He was just going off. Anyways, we have a sister in the ward that is really intense, and she really wanted this guy to sit down. She stood up (remember, our ward has 50 people tops, it kinda just feels like a big class during sacrament meeting) and started talking really loud to us about how this guy should stop talking and she was bored of it. She wasn't saying it directly to him, but saying it loud enough for him to hear. She then started to move on and tell other ward members until he sat down. haha good way to help me stay awake during the meeting :)

Having a blast, love you all!

Elder Gilbert

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