Taiwan, Taichung Mission

Taiwan, Taichung Mission

Monday, January 18, 2016


Hey everyone!! Having a great time here in Taiwan! It's been a pretty good week! Lots of rain this weekend, it's been super fun, but also super annoying. The Taiwanese HATE the rain (which is weird because it rains all the time) and when it starts raining they all disappear indoors... I think yesterday after church it rained the hardest it has my entire time on island! 

This week we spent a lot of time in Dong Gang. It's the biggest place in our area, but is 40 minutes away by bike, so it's kind of hard to get out there a bunch. We had a few empty days this week so we actually got to do a bunch of finding there!! I love Dong Gang, it has so many more people than the rest of our places. We didn't have a ton of success, but we're learning that part of our area better and I think we can really find some cool people there! 

It was a pretty big bummer starting Friday, it just started dumping rain like crazy! We were in Dong gang Friday night, and it was the most fun/wet ride home of all time. I actually think the rain  is pretty fun, but I hate it because everyone goes inside and it's almost impossible to do missionary work.. I just got this new raincoat that goes down to my knees to keep my pants relatively dry. The problem with rain coats is that it's pretty hot, so you sweat a ton and get wet either way. I just sort of solved this problem by cutting the sleeves off my coat. It feels so nice and I actually stay pretty dry. The only drawback is I look super stupid haha. 

It was a super annoying weekend, because we couldn't be outside. On Sunday it was pouring, so not very many people came to church... Our one investigator that said he would come didn't come because of the rain. On the plus side, an LA family came! Our ward was really pumped to see them at church, and they seemed pretty happy. 

Yep, that's basically the week. I'm having a great time with my companion in this area, we're learning a ton. I know that there are people everywhere that are ready to hear this message. Hope you're all doing well, have a great week 😊

Elder Gilbert 

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