Taiwan, Taichung Mission

Taiwan, Taichung Mission

Sunday, January 10, 2016

The Mission Life

Alright, another week down, I can't believe how fast its going. We calculated the other day, I think I just passed day 200 on my mission just barely! Not a ton of crazy stuff, but we had a few fun highlights I hope you'll enjoy :)

We had a ztm and interviews this week, so a lot of time was spent in Ping Dong, which is a little ways above us. It was really fun to see President and Sister Blickenstaff, and fun to be with all the missionaries, but I'm also kind of glad its over so we can have more time to just actually be in our area. I think finally we'll have a good long while to focus on the work! Those things kind of sucked up two of the days, but Elder Stoddard and I still had a great week.

Alright, maybe this is bad i thought this was so funny, but Elder Stoddard and I were out English proselyting with the other elders in our district. (We do it twice a week) We went up to this group of teenagers and asked them if they knew how to speak any English. Usually the response we get is just a little, and then we ask them how they are. They'll always respond super fast saying "I am fine, and you?" its super funny, its like they are all robotically trained to say it back as fast as they can. So some of them were doing this, then one of them just said the most vulgar phase I've ever heard. If an American had said it, i probably would have been pretty offended, but since he barely understood what he was saying and it made no sense in the context and sounded super funny, all four of us just started laughing super hard. Its super funny, theres his type of Taiwanese teenager we have here that are called taike's (basically the translation is punk) They always wear these t-shirts that have in super bad English all these super bad phrases that they totally don't understand. Just a little tidbit on Taiwanese Culture for ya :) haha taikes are the worst..

Ok coolest day was probably saturday. On friday night we got a referral from the ap's for a man that they met in taizhong, but lives in our furthest secondary. We were super pumped, because we've never had a reason to go out there (its like an hour and half ride out) It was perfect because we were going to visit an LA in fangliao, the secondary right above the one where this guy lived. We actually ended up taking the train Saturday evening, because we also had some stuff going on in Dong Gang, and we couldn't bike everywhere fast enough. That was one of the funniest parts of the night. We had to ride in the back of the train so we could put our bikes in as well. They put us in the sketchiest train car ever! The doors were just hanging open, and there were bars over all the windows. I felt like a cow being shipped on the train, but it was really nice, because we got here a lot faster than we would have otherwise. Our other appointment actually fell through as we were coming, so we started out early on our adventure to on of the furthest and sketchiest places in our area. We found this guy's little community, which wasn't actually too far from the train station. It was super dark and right next to the ocean, If I wasn't in Taiwan I would've been super creeped out. The houses were all dark, and random groups of people were walking around. They were all super weirded out and curious as to why were were there. A few actually ended up being super cool and helping us find this guys house. We met with him and his son for a little while. Turns out he used to have missionaries come over a long time ago. He could have some good potential and we should be meeting with him again this next week! The lesson was super exciting, and I really like his guy.  This lesson was pretty late at night, and we were planning on being able to take the train back so we could get home at a reasonable time. Turns out that the trains don't let you take bikes on their late night trains, so we ended up biking all the way back! Oh man it was exhausting!!  We go back pretty dang late, and were so tired, but it was so worth it! 

Even though that night was crazy and pretty sketchy, we got to meet a really nice man and have a good lesson with him. I think that this area is helping me realize that God really cares about all of His children individually, regardless of where they are. Its a lot harder here to find and meet with people, but this is actually helping me to feel more of Heavenly Father's love for them. I really am loving the unique things that I'm learning on my mission and in this area. Thanks for all your love and support, I'm so happy here! 


Elder Gilbert

A cool little ally

A sketchy little bathroom we stopped in

On the train with our bikes

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