Taiwan, Taichung Mission

Taiwan, Taichung Mission

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Whoo I've got a good story to tell!

Hello everybody! Quite the week, can't wait to tell you about some of the stuff going on!

1st off, I wanna tell about the Scooter crash I got into Saturday night! It was nuts! Don't worry I'm completely fine haha. So Elder Stoddard and I were biking out to a Less Actives house for a lesson we had that night at 8. We had just had a pretty good Saturday, and were ready to finish it off with our cool LA who is getting close to reactivation! He lived kind of far away, so we had to take the highway that goes to Dong Gang out to his house. You'd think that the highway would be well lit, but because we live in the Ghetto of Taiwan, it's actually super sketchy. We were in a darker spot (but not too dark) and next thing I know I just get absolutely smacked in the back and propelled forward. It was like hitting one of the mushrooms in Mario Kart (kind of fun in retrospect)!   As this happens I look back to try and find out what in the world just hit me. As I do, I see this person on this motor scooter absolutely flip off and smack the ground and the scooter go flying! It was NUTS! Elder Stoddard was in front of me, and saw the whole thing too because I just started screaming at the top of my lungs! The craziest part is nothing even happened to me! I just boosted foreward, then slammed on my brakes because the person had flown off, plus the hit had just wrecked my brand new bike box I had just put on a week before.. and made everything fly out. My first thought was actually just pure anger, because I loved my bike box:(   Then, it just got weirder if anything. First off, we kept our distance and called President, because if you try to do anything to help the person or say sorry in a crash, the Taiwanese will just gang up on you and try to rip you off for money. The person who hit me was just laying there on the ground, limp as a rag doll.  It was actually quite frightening. Quite the scene began to develop as they called the cops and a bunch of people stopped to check out what was going on. We called one of our super awesome members, who was actually about to go with us tho this less active lesson and he came and helped us. Then, I kid you not 4 different police cars and an ambulance pulled up, took the person away, and then the police started to question me. I don't know why they had to have so many police officers there (Probably because nothing happens in Chao Zhou).  They also pulled out a breathalyzer (Thank goodness for the Word of Wisdom!). That was a little fun, and I passed with a 0.00 if you were wondering.... Then the police measured out everything on the ground and drew a sketch up of the crash, it was so weird! One of the funniest parts was when I went to try and pick up my shattered bike box lid and all the police freaked out at me! it was seriously like a murder scene! It was also hilarious, because our very zealous member was pointing out to all the police officers and spectators how I had made it out of the crash completely unscathed, while the other person was just taken away in an ambulance. He kept saying to every single person "Shen de baohu" which is God's protection! SO yes, that was quite the exciting night, but also awful, because it ruined our chance of meeting with our LA! We had to go home after, because by that point it was like 8:45. Hopefully I don't sound heartless to the other person. We have no idea if they are ok or not. The problem with Taiwan is that if someone falls off their Scooter, they lay there till an ambulance picks them up, even if they just got cut up a little! So this person could have had anything from a few cuts and bruises, to dead. She's probably ok, the police said if it was a serious injury, they would call us. On the other hand, he/she literately did a front flip off the scooter! Plus it was on the highway, so they were going pretty quick! Although it was pretty inconvenient, it was also pretty cool to see the Lord protect me like that! It could have been a lot worse, but I was completely fine! (except now I have to drop more money to fix my box...) and also I won't have to pay for any medical or scooter expenses, because it was completely the other persons fault, they didn't even have a headlight on their scooter (we had some witnesses, blessings of a companion!)!  So ya, pretty wacky way to end the day, thought you'd enjoy that! Sadly I have no pictures, because I was worried that the police officers would get mad at me/ think I was just an awful person...

On a more spiritual note, the little girl from English class that came to church had such a good time last week that she brought her mom with her yesterday! We're meeting with the family Tuesday night! It was awesome to see the members fellowship the mom in! Our relief society is awesome! Except we have another crazy lady in our ward who talked to her a lot, but she had an overall great experience! Said she felt really warm while she was in the building! Shout out to the Holy Ghost! This church just has something you can't find anywhere else, and I love when other people recognize that! 

Happy birthday to Mary and Grace! Can't believe you're already nine! I was thinking about you guys this week, and even got some McDonalds to celebrate! (We actually get that quite often haha) 

Love you guys so much!

-Elder Gilbert

Eating pi dan (1,000 year old egg).
Absolutely the most disgusting thing I have ever eating in my life!
I promise I would rather eat dirt.

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