Taiwan, Taichung Mission

Taiwan, Taichung Mission

Monday, February 29, 2016

Happy Leap Day!

Hey everybody!It's been a good week here, but weird. I've been in this area for what feels like such a long time! The weeks really feel like they just roll together, its becoming a struggle to find the differences. Hopefully I can hit some of the highlights! 

It helped that today we were able to go to one of the coolest place in Taiwan for p-day today!! It's called Kending, it's considered the Hawaii of Taiwan and was super beautiful. We had such an awesome time today, I'm excited to send home some pics. I think today was my favorite p-day of all time, it's going to be hard to get one that passes it up. I think I got a little sunburned though haha I've gotten super white!

We've kind of seen a little bit of digression with our investigators this week. People are so busy in Taiwan! It is so hard for people to come to church, ahhhh it's killing us!!! We're trying to help their base of faith by focusing on reading and praying daily. On the other hand, the reactivation work has been going pretty well! We've really seen some progress with some of our less actives, the members are helping fellowship them back into the ward. That's been good to see, I'm really grateful for my increased ability to see the tender mercies in the Lord and find the silver linings. Haha this area is awesome.

Oh man, one thing I've got to mention, we had the strangest lessons of all time. We have this one member that always gives us referrals, he's super awesome, but sometimes they are a little weird... We went over with him to his neighbors house to meet with him, and this man was more addicted to cigarettes than anyone I've ever seen! We came over and he started shaking like crazy, pulled one out, then kinda calmed down... Then like 10 minutes later, he went crazy again and had to take another smoke! It was ridiculous and one of the strangest things ever, elder stoddard and I were just absolutely appalled. Hahaha it was hilarious, this dude literallly could not go 15 minutes without smoking, it was so bad! Advice for the week: don't ever smoke, the Taiwanese are all hooked and it's the worst! 

Spiritual thought: I read a talk about the atonement this week that brought up a real cool point. Elder Gong gave it, he was talking about how becoming perfect in Christ doesn't mean never making a mistake, how making mistakes is actually how we eventually achieve this perfection. Even the Savior had to learn and grow! Don't focus on previous mistakes, just how we can move on and get a little better every day :) 

Love you guys, constantly uplifted by your emails and updates from the real world!!
Elder Gilbert

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