Taiwan, Taichung Mission

Taiwan, Taichung Mission

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Shake it off!

Helllo everyone! This is Elder Gilbert coming to you on Chinese New Year day!! It is absoulutely nuts here! I have no idea how we are going to survive this week, its going to be very rough haha good thing we had a pretty good week to prepare! By the way, my subject references the earthquake that happened a few days ago! I and all the missionaries are ok, but they are also freaking out about it too.

Although this week was pretty good, finding has been an absolute nightmare! Every single person you talk to has no care in the world except for Chinese new year... Let me tell you, if had a dollar for every time someone has told me 
"after new year" I would be rolling in it! Seriously, every single person says it! It's been pretty rough to set stuff up, but thats ok, we worked through it, and actually found some new people! Even the church members are going crazy! Somehow, they just had an hour of church yesterday (I'm not sure how that's allowed), plus I'm pretty sure no one fasted. Within 15 min of church being over, everyone was completely gone from the church. They take this stuff seriously! The members go crazy about giving the missionaries food, so we are going to be fed well this wee! Literally every breakfast lunch and dinner for the week is scheduled with someone. Just before I started writing this email we left a steak all you can eat buffet! It's awesome, but I am probably going to gain a lot of weight... It's really hard to actually go out and find people this week, so our mission really wants us to focus on trying to get lots of refferals from our members at all these meals, and maybe meet some of their family members that could have interest. Something super awesome that just got set up yesterday was that we have two of our investigators coming over for dinner with us to our bishop's house! Its perfect! The mom has gotten to be good friends with the bishops wife, and the daughter is friends with the bishops daughter! It's so awesome when the ward helps like that!!

A report on the earthquake: At like 4 in the morning I woke up and everything was just shaking like crazy! I thought I was dreaming for a little while, but when I heard the door swinging and creaking like crazy I decided it wasn't a dream. It was actually super fun, and I was really out of it, so I just kind of started laughing and enjoying the ride! Then I just kind of fell asleep again. In the morning we got a text from the mission president asking if we were ok. We didn't realize it was so bad in other places. It was crazy bad in my last area, Tainan. Some buildings collapsed, and its been all over the news and everyone been talking about it! Glad to see that the Lord is protecting His missionaries! 

One other thing, the dude that hit me wanted to meet so we could sign a contract saying we weren't going to sue each other. His mom and sister came, and they felt awful! They gave me this big box of cookies, and tried to pay for my new bike box. The guy was pretty weird, I think he got a really bad concussion, because he didn't really know what wat was going on, and they said he had gotten hit in the head super hard. His hands were pretty messed up too! He was doing better though, so thats good! The funniest part was that our member that was with us the night of the crash came again and was super bold. He kept asking the family why they thought I was ok, and telling them they should come to church! He was so blunt, it was awesome!  The sister said she would come, but she didn't :( we have her number though! I was telling Elder Stoddard a few weeks ago how maybe purposely getting in a crash could be a good way to find a new investigator! My theory could be correct! (Except I didn't do it on purpose, and it wasn't my fault) haha ya so that was an interesting experience.

Thought: The Book of Mormon is awesome! We are working with this family that has 13 and 15 year old sons. The younger one i having a hard time understanding the scriptures, so we showed him on lds.org the cartoon ones he can watch (those ones we used to read as a family back in the day). He loved them, and has watched a ton of them, and now has a lot more interest in it!! Its super awesome to see how people can come to learn about The Book of Mormon and its truthfulness, even if its by not quite so normal a way. I love that book, and love how I can apply its principles daily to become a better missionary and a better person! 

Love you guys!

Elder Gilbert

We got a bunch of new Book of Mormons and stuff from ztm

A member from Tainan visited me and Elder Stoddard this week!  Fun to see him!

Me with the contract and cookies that the family of the guy who hit me gave me

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