Taiwan, Taichung Mission

Taiwan, Taichung Mission

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Surviving Chinese New Year

Hello everybody, Elder Gilbert here after surviving one of the worst but really best weeks ever here!

The week of Chinese New year was absolutely crazy! I only spent money one time the entire week because members have been giving us food and meals like crazy!  I've eaten so much this week, so thats one of the reasons it was the best! To be honest though I'm pretty glad its over, its a super hard week for missionary work, nobody wants to do anything. I guess I don't really blame them, if some weird foreigner walked up to me on Christmas and asked me to hear about a church I'd be pretty annoyed too! What we really tried to focus on was getting referrals from family members and friends of people we ate with as well as inviting our progressing investigators to eat meals with us and our members. We got a few nice referrals, but what was best was two of the dinners we had where our investigators were able to eat with and meet some of our members.

On wednesday our bishop's family invited over this woman and her granddaughter that we've been working with. The lady, Sister Wu, has gotten to be pretty good friends with our bishop's wife. Turns out that the wife actually is a return missionary, and she was the greatest help ever as we talked about the church! We even ended up setting a baptismal goal with her! 

The next day we were able to eat over at a bishopric member's home with our super awesome investigators,the hong family! They hadn't met any members yet, and it was super good for the parents! we were actually also able to set baptismal goals with three of them! It was actually a great week for them, because the two sons weren't in school. We were able to stop by their house a few times and meet with them. The sons are super cool, and obsessed with basketball!. Since it was chinese new year they got a ton of new basketball gear. They were so excited to show us their new jerseys and shoes, and always try to show us NBA highlights on their phones. Its super funny. 

So those two experiences were great! Our members are so awesome, it really helps with the work to have nights like those! The rest of the week is a little painful, I'm pretty excited for everything to get back to normal :)

Ya thats basically it, nothing really crazy happened outside of the new year, which I guess was actually pretty crazy! haha loving it here so much, hopefully everyone's having a good valentines day!

Elder Gilbert
Crazy huge market for the new year right by our apartment, a million people, but everything super lame.

Elder stoddard and I wishing you a happy guo nian with our dope chinese new year jerseys! 

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