Taiwan, Taichung Mission

Taiwan, Taichung Mission

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Taiwan, man...

Hello everybody! I'm sorry that apparently my emails did not go through last week, I apologize.. I just resent them. So you'll be getting two emails from me this week, hopefully I don't bore you to death haha! 

I don't really feel like anything that special happened this week, especially compared to last week with all the crazy celebrations. It was still pretty good, we're just trying to get the area better every day. Actually now that I think about it, we were pretty dang busy! So since like a million people they'd be willing to talk after the new yer, we finally met with them this week. we had a bunch of lessons set up. Sadly, we also got "fanged" a lot. I don't know if I have explained before, but what happens in this mission all the time is you will call/talk with someone who will tell you they can meet with you at this time and this place. Then they just won't show up! They're too scared to tell you straight up because you're white, but will just plan on not showing up. Its literally the worst! especially the times when you call them right before, they say they're on their way, then they don't come! haha thats called getting "dirty fanged" Ya so that happened quite a few times this week... 

Thats ok though, we met some cool people as well! Its been really nice to have a week thats a lot more normal. We had whats called "power week" I guess they do it the week after Chinese new year. The mission basically has all these really high, hard to get goals that we try do do every day. This included talk to a certain number of people, or set up this many people to meet, etc. Elder Stoddard and i tried pretty hard to hit some of these, and actually didn't get a single one... haha it was pretty sad. The cool thing, though, was that as we were looking at our numbers this week, they were pretty good. Better than we usually have. Another funny thing was we got like 3 times as many referrals as normal! I kind of feel like the Lord was blessing our hard work in kind of unconnected ways. I really keep noticing that on my mission, when we are willing to work and serve, we see blessings in really unexpected unrelated areas! So ya, thats kind of my thought for the week, if you feel like you're not getting a blessing you feel like you should be getting, try to find where you really can see the Lord's hand in your life! I promise its everywhere! 

Love you guys, thanks for all the support! 


Elder Gilbert

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