Taiwan, Taichung Mission

Taiwan, Taichung Mission

Sunday, March 13, 2016

16 weeks in Dong Gang

Just finished up my 16th week here in Dong Gang and I'll have at least 3 more! In the next couple of weeks Elder Stoddard will become the companion I've been with the longest (we're getting close to 3 months together).   Good thing I like him and he doesn't snore or anything annoying like that :) haha I love the guy.

The work last week had some tough stretches. It feels like every time something good has happened since I've been here, the next week it just fades. We do have one bright spot of hope in this lady named Wu Jiemei.  She will definitely get baptized and maybe even before Elder Stoddard and I leave! There are good things! 

Daily, we have this constant debate with ourselves on whether or not to go to the biggest part of our area which is Dong Gang. Going there automatically burns 2 hours out of our day because we have to bike but there are so many people in Dong Gang! When we do find people in Dong Gang they never want to come all the way to church because it's so far away so helping investigators to progress is difficult!  On the other hand, finding people by our church is impossible. We have no one in the area by our church/apartment.   We're kind of caught between a rock and a hard place here.  Thats ok, all we really can focus on is to work and pray for some miracles to come! 

I know there is hope ahead! I'm excited to see what will happen in the next few weeks! There are prepared people everywhere!

On a bright note, biking is fine and super easy at this point and Elder Stoddard's awesome.  He is really good at Chinese, which helps me a lot.  I still have a lot to learn!  Elder Stoddard is super willing to work with me during these next few weeks we are together.  

Love you guys,

Elder Gilbert

Our apartment before clean up

After clean-up

Eating dinner last night at the other ward's bishop's house!

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