Taiwan, Taichung Mission

Taiwan, Taichung Mission

Monday, March 7, 2016

Working through it...

Hey everybody! Hope everything is going well back home, can't believe we're already a week into March here! I'm doing pretty great here, excited o tell you guys about the week! 

I'm not going to lie, life's been a little rough here. It's kind of feeling like every person we find to teach doesn't stick, and its really hard to find quality people! We've got a really cool lady that we're working with and there is a less active family that is all of a sudden trying to come back and go through the temple! Both of those were awesome, and we actually had an FHE thing at our bishop's house with all of them last night. It's really nice to take a step back and realize all the great things that are going on! On a side note, I finished writing in my journal today, thats pretty crazy! Times flying here! 

Alright, not a lot of crazy stuff happened this week, but I'll try to share the best I've got. So we are supposed to do about an hour of straight English Class Proselyting as a district weekly. I don;t think I've mentioned before, but I'm the English Leader of our district, which is literally the most looked down upon job! The operations manager at the mission home just gives it to the youngest person, which has happened to e me. So ya, I've been doing that since I've gotten to this area, and its not a whole lot of fun, no one listens to you, and everyone just thinks you're super stupid. Anyways, we have a super cool new missionary that moved in here and is finishing his mission next month, he has a bunch of super cool ideas for how to makes things better, and he gave us a couple of ideas to make English Pros. better. We usually don't do anything that special, but this week we went into the big night market we have here with a big whiteboard and stand, and tries to play English games like hangman with all the people walking around. It started super bad, everyone was looking at us like we were mental, and just avoiding us like I usually avoid crazy people! Literally not a single person talked to us! Then out of no where a huge group of members from the other elders ward showed up! It was kind of like in 17 miracles when the relief party comes to them in the snow! (maybe not to that extent, but you get the idea) It saved us. When they came and started acting like they were interested a million people started to come too. The Taiwanese people are literally sheep, they'll never be the first to try something, but if they see others, they have to do it! Kind of a blessing and a curse for us sometimes... but ya, all of a sudden the flood gates opened and I promise we were the most crowded spot in the night market! So that was something a little cool. Grateful for awesome members. 

little thought: We've been talking a lot about how to be better missionaries and get better results here, and we're really starting to just focus on what we can do, not what we can't do. Our ward got pretty screwed over by the stake leadership because they're obsessed with splitting wards way before they're ready to split, so everyone goes LA. As soon as a ward hits the minimum requirements, it immediate gets split, so now we have a bunch of wards in Taiwan that are basically branches with a bishop.. But, after that little rant, I'm not going to complain about it any more! It doesn't help with anything! I love the quote by Elder Holland where he says that 'No misfortune is so bad that whining about it won't make it worse." Super true! So ya, I'll leave you guys with that! Love you all so much!


Elder Gilbert

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