Taiwan, Taichung Mission

Taiwan, Taichung Mission

Sunday, April 10, 2016


Hahahha I was just asking Elder Park what I should title my email for the week and he told me this was his nickname back home... Classic. I guess I'll start with a quick intro to my new comp. He is AWESOME! Elder Park Is from Syracuse, Utah and has been out here for about 3 months. His dad is from Korea and his mom is from China but is part Japanese too. He's got super good Chinese and is hilarious! Its actually super funny, he tells everyone out here that he has all of those countries and they go nuts! Its actually a super good way to connect with people, they love asking him about it and will start saying a little Japanese or Korean. We are already having an awesome time together, loving every minute of it! 

This week has been pretty intense, being the senior companion for the first time and being the one that knows the area has given me a ton of stress. But its kind of a good stress.. Our first night together we met with this one family and the dad and our member started getting into this really argument about coming to church. As I looked over at Elder Park we both just cracked up because neither of us really know what we're doing! It was so weird to know I was the one that had to change the lesson and get it on the right track. We were able to say a prayer together and everything worked out :)

Another takeaway from the week is that Chinese is hard!! I am learning so many knew things now because a lot more often I have to stop and ask the person what they just said. Its been pretty crazy, I need to keep working hard on the language, its a beast! 

Not many stories, We moved our baptismal goal up a few weeks! We should be able to have two baptisms at the end of the month! Thats pretty crazy, its been a long time coming, and if we can help Wu Jiemei and her granddaughter Annie get baptized then it would be really, really special. 

Quick thoughts on conference: President Eyring started it with an absolute bang! Such a good way to be ready for the enlightenment that was coming. I loved all the talks but thought President Uchtdorf also killed it with his two talks in Priesthood and Sunday. We all absolutely lost it when he made the Chewbacca Joke! That was the funniest thing I've ever heard in conference haha. On a more serious note, I feel like I had many questions answered as well as new things I would like to work on. I don't think a talk has ever inspired me more as conference ends than Elder Holland's did. Heaven is cheering for us! I felt it as he talked. I can also feel all of your prayers! They do not go unappreciated. 

Love you all so much! 

-Elder Gilbert 

We had to help out at this big family history event in ping dong this week.
Fell asleep for a little bit in conference

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