Taiwan, Taichung Mission

Taiwan, Taichung Mission

Monday, April 4, 2016

There is no end to Dong Gang...

Hello Everybody!! Transfers have finally come, and pretty crazy, but I'm staying in Dong Gang! This will be the start of my 4th movecall here! I don't know about other missions, but here our mission president doesn't usually leave us in an area for too long, so it feels like I'll be here for an eternity! Pretty crazy to think by the end of this, I'll hit just about 6 months! My new companion is named Elder Park! I don't know anything about him except that he just got done being trained in Tainan 3rd ward (right next to where I was trained) and that he is Asian! He sounds super awesome over the phone, I'll be picking him up at the train station in a little while! I'm going to miss Elder Stoddard, we were together for a really long time! He taught me a whole lot, and we had a lot of funny/awesome experiences together. 

Ok, so one pretty interesting experience we had this week. Elder Stoddard and I had this one investigator family that lives in the middle of no where. We don't love going super far away from our main area, but because they were so nice and wiling to meet its worth it! We were in the boonies and Elder Stodddard's bike chain somehow snapped off his bike! It was awful, we were stranded with no help... Then these two super random nice people stopped on the side of the road, helped us make his bike work a little, then helped show us where a bike shop was. Since Elder Stoddard's bike couldn't pedal, I had to tow his bike behind mine on a rope for a few kilometers on the highway before we could find a little town with the bike shop.  The people that you find when you get out a little farther are not as used to seeing white people, so I can imagine it was quite the sight to see me towing him with a rope going super slow down the highway, hahaha... It was pretty cool though, everyone felt super bad for us, so they were so nice! We had like 3 people talk to us about the church/our English class, nothing came out of it, but it was nice to have these unplanned opportunities to share about the Gospel. Someone also gave us a big thing of wax apples (not made of wax its an actual fruit) and every was super friendly because they felt bad for us.  It was pretty rough, we didn't even get to go to our investigator's house after all, but a few small miracles of people being really nice to us helped me to love the people more and see how kind their hearts are. 

I have a classic Taiwanese moment for you guys. We had an English party for English class on Wednesday and taught them how to do the cake walk. I don't know if you know what that is, but it is by far the lamest game of all time and super boring. We told them the people love doing it in America. If they won we'd give them a piece of candy, and they were obsessed with it! It was super funny, they didn't want to try the corn toss or the other stuff we had, and they just did that a million times, and wanted to keep going when the party was over. Does that sounds funny at all???  We couldn't stop laughing!!  Every single English student was just dying to play! They love the most random things here and it always makes me laugh.

There's also this receipt game you can play here where if you save your receipts for two months, you can go to a 7-11 and check the serial numbers, if you have a certain few you can get free food! I won 200NT (about $6) worth and just went a little bit ago and got ice cram and candy and Doritos and a bunch of stuff, so that was super awesome. 

On a more spiritual note, I'm really trying to prepare myself for general conference. I thought it was pretty cool last October to watch it for the first time in Taiwan. I had written down some questions and prayerfully pondered them and was amazed to see them be answered through those servants of the Lord. I am doing the same this conference, and so excited to see what revelation I can get through their words as well as the spirit. We shared Elder Holland's testimony of the Book of Mormon Mormon Message with our English class the other week. So powerful to hear those testimonies, I know those men are called of God, and that they receive revelation in our day! I love you guys so much, I hope it was a good conference weekend! So excited for Saturday and Sunday!!!

Elder Gilbert

Saying goodbye to my district
Goodbye to Elder Stoddard.  We ended on a really good note after a good last week together and companion inventory;)
My new companion is Elder Park.
He just got done being trained so he's as old on the mission as I was when I came here.
He's half Korean, fourth Chinese and Japanese, 1st generation American from Utah.
He is really cool, I'm excited to be with him! 

Also it's so crazy, that Elder Pothier guy you were telling me about is in my fourman now! Haha what a small world!! Elder Pothier came to our 4 man on Friday 
his trainer is Elder Porter who is one movecall ahead of me.
We are probably the youngest district in the mission now!!

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