Taiwan, Taichung Mission

Taiwan, Taichung Mission

Sunday, April 24, 2016

This place is on FIRE

Hello everybody! Hope its going well back in the US! I'm literally having the greatest time of my life here in Dong Gang. I love it so much! Can't wait to tell you about the week! 

So, first off it is hotter than a sauna here! I thought I had it bad last week being soaked in the rain, but I've arguably been wetter this week soaked in my own sweat! The good news is its only going to get hotter from here :) It also doesn't help that our dryers been broken, because our clothing does not dry in the humidity haha, but for real I love this sunny weather though! It means people are out and willing to talk to us more. 

Ok this week has just been nuts, I don't know whats going on, but we are just seeing miracles like crazy. Its hard to explain, but it literally feels like we're magnets. So many times in the past little while we'll just be going to a lesson or the church and we'll say hi to someone, then all of a sudden we get in to a conversation about stuff and they say they're willing to meet. I don't feel like I've ever been busier on my mission! All of a sudden all of these people want to meet with us, and we even found a super cool new family in Dong Gang last night! Like even this morning leaving the door, we said hi to a random guy at a light, he said he'd been to our church before, and gave us his number before he drove away. It been so awesome, and I really believe its because Elder Park and I are working so hard and trying to be the best missionaries we can.

We had a super sweet lesson with our closest baptismal goal this week. We were really nervous, because the last thing we had to teach was tithing, which sometimes can be hard for people. Plus, I was super nervous because I haven't had a ton of chances to teach tithing because we haven't had any investigators get this close to baptism for a while. Literally the second we brought it up, she was just like "oh ya, I hear a really cool story about the blessings of tithing at church a few weeks ago, that won't be hard for me to do at all!" It was the best thing ever!! Elder Park and I were just going nuts and gave each other a fist bump under the table. She has a baptismal interview on Thursday night and should be getting baptized this Saturday, or maybe next (The other ward in our building has a wedding reception that night and it got all confusing, so we might have to change it haha). Regardless, she's ready and really wants it, we might be able to start working with two of her other daughters that live with her. Super Exciting!

Ok last little thought: We had interviews on Thursday with president. The two of us talked about how the power of a single missionary and a companionship can do a lot for an area. He shared with me how faith is a principle of action and power, and it was really cool to talk about the changes that have happened in me as well as the area. Although I know its not all about the missionaries and that we'll have our times where bad things happen, I am experiencing the power of faith in the form of action daily. We go out every day completely believing there are people ready to get baptized and accept the gospel, and you know what? Its starting to happen. We're laying a lot of seeds right now, but this place is improving like crazy, and its inspiring to see.  I've never had a stronger testimony that the Lord will bless us if we're willing to put our trust in him! 

Love you guys so much!!

-Elder Gilbert

P-Day last week: Costco in Gaoxiong
It was great to meet up with my trainer Elder Pearce

Elder Park and I

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