Taiwan, Taichung Mission

Taiwan, Taichung Mission

Monday, May 16, 2016

Big Changes! Going to DAKENG...

Hello Everybody!!!   Elder Gilbert coming to you from the heart of Taichung city! I just took over a three hour train ride up to my new area, I'm serving in the Da Keng Ward! My new companion is awesome!! Elder Cook! He was in my same MTC District, and we were living in the same four man together about two months ago. We're already pretty good buds, and now we're companions! I am so excited!! Its going to be such a fun time here, I can't wait to see what we accomplish! 

Elder Park got some really good seafood to celebrate our great move call.
I'm going to miss Dong Gang a ton! Elder Park and I had an incredible time together, one I don't want to forget. (Except I left my journal on the train so I don't have a single entry from the last transfer is gone....) hahah but thats ok, it was a really amazing time! We saw so many miracles, and I think I had just about as much fun as I've ever had in my life! 

This week was absolutely the best way to go out. We had so many lessons, and literally spent almost no time finding because we had so much to do! It was honestly incredible, I've never felt so busy and stressed in my life, but I also think it was just about as happy as I've ever been! I cannot even put into words how incredible of a time I've had. It is amazing to see what just a couple small changes and a whole lot of faith and effort could bring! 

A couple highlights: We met an Australian family the other week and have been meeting with them. I've literally never enjoyed teaching more! Its so easy to teach in English! Like the coolest thing ever, just a really satisfying thing to do.

We're also meeting with this Presbyterian family in Dong gang, and we had a super cool lesson with them and this family in our ward last night. They aid they'd be willing to get baptized into our church if they knew the Book of Mormon was true! Super Cool! 

We have three investigators in the area that I can say with a lot of confidence will get baptized next month! Hope the missionaries can keep it rolling over there! 

Ok we had so much fun when we met this crazy atheist white guy! The four elders in my district had just gotten done going on exchanges, and he walks up to us and goes "Wow, 4 of you guys in one place, what do they call a group of Mormons? a gaggle?" haha then he just starts ripping Joseph smith and tells us about this anti Mormon podcast that'll help us realize why we are brain washed. hahah since we're in Taiwan, we don't get that a whole lot! It was so funny! We were just super nice to him, and he was so mad that we weren't getting mad! The best part was when Elder Park started pretending he was just a Taiwanese person and didn't know what the guy was saying! Hahaa that was a really fun time. 

Last Thought: The church is so true! I don't have any scriptures to share, just want to say my personal testimony. I have never seen so many miracles in my entire life. I know right now more than ever, that The Lord is willing to bless us if wee ask and work for it. I am so excited to be in a new area, and am probably the most happy and positive I've been ever in my life! 

Love you guys!!
Elder Gilbert

A member from Tainan who came to visit us
On a split with Elder Porter

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