Taiwan, Taichung Mission

Taiwan, Taichung Mission

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Temple trips and Tony Horton

Hello! It has been an incredible week here in the Dakeng ward! We are seeing miracles daily! Elder Cook and I are having such a great time together, time is going by way too fast! 

I have been so tired this week and that is for two reasons. Number one is we are hitting the streets HARD. I love working with Elder Cook because he's willing to go out there and get it done. I'm a very firm believer that Heavenly Father is willing to reward us with blessings as we express our faith in Him and His son. How do we express our faith? Diligence and obedience. It's been awesome, and we are trying to get better. The second reason is that we've started the p90x3 program. We've been doing it daily, as well as about twice a week we go play ball with the other missionaries who are in our chapel (there's a ton of elders here). It can't get any better than starting off or ending the day with a little Tony Horton! It is so fun and easy to wake up every morning, it's changing my life! 

But for real, missionary work is what's important here so I'll keep the focus on that. We were really lucky to see a whole ton of miracles and interested people this week. Tuesday we ran into a nice man (Wang, JiaHuang) fishing and we asked to join him for a little. As we were talking he brings up Christ and then we just start going off. We taught him prayer and our relationship with Heavenly Father and Christ. Then we said a prayer with him and the spirit took over. He turned to gold in about 2 seconds and told us he felt good inside and wants to meet again same place in two days! So on Thursday we head to the river and he was there fishing and was happy to see us. So we start teaching about families, Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. At the end we invited him to keep praying with faith and to ask God for an answer about what we just shared. He also came to church and was looking like one of the most golden people ever, but that our hearts broke as we found out he lived in the AP's area. I swear that he told us that he lived right by where we met him, but oh well... He's still going o get baptized and have his life change a whole ton, that's whats really important. Just would've loved the opportunity to teach him and watch him progress.. It's all good though, if there's one person like that, there's bound to be a lot more. I know there is! The people here need what we've got! 

We were really lucky to meet our friend Bruce again, and we got to have a cool sit down with him. We set up for tomorrow to share the book of Mormon with him, and we're going to get this super cool member in our ward that speaks really good English to come help us out. 

I still think that the best part of my week was being able to go to the Taipei Temple last Wednesday. It was such a peaceful experience, and so great to be able to get away from all the stress and things that are going on right now, I can't wait to go really consistently when I get back home!!

So the other night we stopped by one of our member's drink shop and said hi to him for a little bit. He got super excited that we stopped by and said we had to go with him right then to see his other shop that was in a night market. We had planned in finding on the bike ride home to end out the night, but he was just like "no its super close and in our area, you can talk to people and see a new part" we were kind of apprehensive, but our ward member was pretty nice and neither of us knew him super well, so we decided it was ok to go with him. turns out he totally exaggerated and drove us to this MASSIVE night market that was wayy far away! Elder Cook and I just looked at each other and had no idea what was going on. We told our member that we needed to get going and we didn't realize it was sop far away. He was just like "oh lets just go in for a minute I want to buy you a snack" then he ended up buying us a whole bunch of food and drinks, haha we were so confused, and he was being so nice to us. I guess a good tender mercy of it was that an la we have works there and we were able to talk with him, and our member flipped at him for smoking (but in a good way).. it was fun to get to know this member his name was brother su. he told us all about his conversion and is a really good guy! haha members are so good to us here, but sometime they don't exactly get it :)

I finished reading the Book of Mormon again this week. I really appreciate and cherish the love I've gained for that book on my mission. I was happy to take on Moroni's challenge again and pray for confirmation and a stronger witness of the truthfulness of the book. I can really say without a doubt that its true. I've seen it change so many people's lives, and I've seen it transform my own. I have a new goal of getting really good at scripture references in my personal studies so I can really help investigator's answer their questions. Hopefully it goes well. I love teaching with the Book of Mormon, it is literally the greatest thing of all time! 

I love you guys so much!!

-Elder Gilbert

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