Taiwan, Taichung Mission

Taiwan, Taichung Mission

Monday, June 20, 2016

A new assignment

Hello! Wow crazy week, can't wait to tell you guys all about it! Looks like Lucy had a great b-day sorry about the stitches :( Feels like just yesterday when we went to see Kung Fu Panda and then mom went into labor and had you! Also happy fathers day and birthday dad!!! Grateful for you dad, thanks for getting me so excited to go on a mission! You have been such a good example and I really treasure the advice you give me. 

It's really weird to think about how my year mark is only a few days away. I can remember everything that happened a year ago so well. I feel like that week where we moved to Rexburg right before I left was one of the best weeks of my life, and it was fun to reminisce :) This week has been a really good one here are a few highlights. 

Elder Cook and I saw this ad for a free trial at a gym, so last p-day we went and got three free days! Elder Cole and his comp came as well, it was so nice!! we spent like 2 hours on p-day just working out, and then got to go the next two mornings. Between that, P90x3, and b-ball in the morning with the office elders, working out is going pretty good here! 

The largest miracle of the week: Our coolest investigator, (Brother Tsai) completely disappeared last Sunday. He was good to go for church and had been progressing really fast, then all of a sudden stopped answering our calls. We were so sad all week, but everything we tried to do to get a hold of him didn't seem ton work. We have been praying all week that we'd be able to run into him, or he'd respond or something, and really hoped it was just that his phone had broken or something. Every time we biked by the 7-11 that we first met him at, I'd look over and just say a little prayer that he'd be there.. yesterday we were biking to a lesson and as we were passing it we totally saw him! We couldn't believe it, we turned around, and he saw us and went crazy! He said that he had lost his phone in Taibei and he had had to be up there all week because of an emergency in his company. (He's second in command and the ceo died, so there was a bunch of stuff they had to do, so he's been there all week). He felt super bad because he had no way to get in touch with us. He told us that he's been waiting at the place we first met him all afternoon hoping we'd bike by! Pretty crazy stuff, we figured it all out, and he wrote down our phone # so he has a physical copy now. All is well. A little tender mercy there :)

Thursday, The Blickenstaffs  gave their last zone conference. Crazy that they are going to be home so soon. They go home on the 30th. It was really good and focused a lot on becoming a diligent, consecrated missionary. I felt like I learned a lot and have a lot of things to work on, which is exciting! I'm glad I still have a year left to improve but it feels like almost no time at all!

On Sunday I also got the call that I'm going to be training! Pretty nuts! I'm super sad that Elder Cook will be leaving on Friday. He's been a great comp and we've learned a lot together. Had a whole lot of fun too :) I'll pick up my trainee that day as well. The scary thing is there are only four elders coming to the mission, two of them are native Taiwanese who are waiting for their visas to go to the provo mtc. All four of us training elders are white, so I have basically a 50 percent chance of training a Taiwanese elder! It would be kinda of sad, because he'd eventually leave to go serve in america, so I wouldn't get to see him around the next year, but I'm up for whatever the Lord has in store :) It would be super good for my Chinese, and any Taiwanese missionaries that get called to America are pretty sick, so I'm excited to see what the future holds! I'll have a very green comp in about 4 days!!!! We get to drive all the way down to jia Yi for a trainers meeting with president tomorrow, so that'll be fun.

For a spiritual thought I had one really cool thing happened this week. We met this guy named James who thought it was super weird that we actually can say we know we get answers through the holy ghost and prayer. It was cool to teach him about it and help him understand. I want to testify that prayer works, and that God really does hear them. There has been a lot of times where I feel like I'm not being heard, but I know that His timing is perfect and that if we "pray always" he will consecrate all of our performances and worthy endeavors. (2 Nephi 32)  

love you guys! have an awesome week :)

-Elder Gilbert 

Elder Gilbert and Elder Cole tasting the local cuisine

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