Taiwan, Taichung Mission

Taiwan, Taichung Mission

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Slurpee Miracles

Hey Everyone! Having a great time in the big city! I'm learning a lot and having a really fun time with Elder Cook. Its hard work here, and some of the days haven't been easy, but when the miracles and blessings come, its that much sweeter. I love my mission and am kind of freaking out that I'm about to hit my year mark in a few weeks..

So the reason for my title is that Elder Cook and I have found something crazy happens just about every time we sit down in a 7-11 to do calls and get a slurpee. This all started because Elder Cook loves slurpees, so we get them every once and a while. We've started to see some correlation between slurpees and miracles. Call it the placebo effect, but it seriously works. For example, when last p day ended, we had to make some calls. We got slurpees and sat down by this 16 year-old kid named Kenny. We have this little card that has a bunch of plan of salvation questions on it and asked him if he's ever thought about any of them before. He was super interested in the afterlife, and is meeting with us again tonight to talk more about it! He was super excited, and I swear we meet someone crazy cool every single time we do it! I would talk about more, but I've got some other cool stuff and email time is never enough! 

Right now we have one golden baptismal goal named Tsai Shou San (蔡守三) He was sitting down out side 2 weeks ago, and we just sat down and started talking with him. He started asking us a lot of questions about where we are from and what we are doing. He said he wants to hear our message so he set up with us the next day. So last week we taught him about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon and he LOVED it! Apparently he was already Christian and had read the bible, but he didn't understand much so he gave up. He was super excited when we told him about church and how easy the Book of Mormon is to understand compared to the bible. He also had a really good understanding of the Atonement when we shared Mosiah 3: 5-12. Jesus literally felt everything we have ever felt and PERFECTLY understands us and our situation. Long story short he met with us 3 times come to church twice! He's super cool and we hope he'll be able to get baptized at the end of this month! 

And CHARLIE!!! We met him last week and then last night we had a crazy good lesson! He asked us to meet him last night at McDonalds. We get there and he had brought his whole FAMILY!! We were sooo haply and just amazed. We met his wife, two daughters and his son! They were an awesome family and were all happy and doing well. Elder Cook and I shared a small message about prayer and families! They went nuts when they saw the family picture I had with all 10 of us! (People here go insane when they see so many kids, its kind of fun, and is a perfect lead in to talk about eternal families and that stuff)Luckily with seven of us there, the lesson was still very spiritual. They agreed to try family prayer when they got home. Wow that was a huge miracle for me and Cook! We always wanted to teach a family and now here they are! :D

I love everything thats going on here, even the hard things. Its not easy! I'm really starting and trying to better see the ups and the downs as blessings, grateful that I've had this time to be broken down, come unto the Lord and be shown my weaknesses. I know that Christ's grace is sufficient for all our weaknesses to become strengths (Ether 12:27) Love you guys, sounds like a great summer is already underway! 

Elder Gilbert

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