Taiwan, Taichung Mission

Taiwan, Taichung Mission

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Working in the rain

This week was a rainy one... about 5 of the 7 were just down-pouring, but we found some fun ways to change up missionary work. We left our bikes in the apartment basement the whole weekend and took the buses everywhere. Only in Taichung all the buses are free! So we stayed out of the rain the whole time in the buses and we would do our "Jesus Walk" with our umbrellas. Because we weren't on our bikes so much, we had some more relaxed and longer conversations with many cool people. Taiwanese hate the rain and basically the whole country shuts down for the day. All the bosses close their stores, people go inside and everyone takes their nap time. It's really funny here because everyone's business hours are 8am-1pm and 4-9pm. That gap is the Taiwanese nap time when 50% of the population takes a nap. Haha so missionary work is no good at that time. Although we did well this week and found some new people!

The first is William who owns his own noodle shop. We meet with him in the mornings at 11am before his shop opens. He is always hungover from the last night and is super guilty. He tells us how much he is addicted to alcohol and can't control himself. He told us he knew we don't drink and that is why he wants to meet with us. So we were able to help him a bunch and set some goals to stop. This week we are letting him drink beer only and next week we are going to one can a day... and then we will see. He is reading the Book of Mormon and praying daily! He is a great guy and we love meeting with him!

Also a new rule was changed to where we can teach women now!! Our ward has sisters in it (previous ones did not) We were invited by the ward to help a 19 year old bro in our ward to get on track with coming to church and going on a mission. His name is David and his ward and family are scared he might not go on a mission, so they asked us to help. So about a week ago we played basketball and talked with him. We found out he is a complete clone of Elder Cook and I. He loves everything we love and he is super into rap. So with that new mission rule in mind we set off to find him a girl he could help us teach. A few days later we ran into Apple who speaks English super well. She actually self contacted us and more importantly asked to meet with us. (There is a reason she self-contacted us, but we don't want to share until we know she is golden and was serious) Anyway she set up to eat dinner with us right before English. So we got David to come with us and it went super well. David and her clicked and they talked a ton! He also bore a surprisingly good testimony and shared about the word of wisdom because she asked why he didn't drink tea. After dinner she came to our English class and had a blast! There were just miracles all over the place Wednesday night!
Elder Cook snapped this picture when I was trying to talk to this guy
on the side of the road.  It didn't end up being anything big but it gives
you an idea of what we are up to everyday.  

Super Good week! I hope all is well at home, I love you guys!

Elder Gilbert

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