Taiwan, Taichung Mission

Taiwan, Taichung Mission

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Come what may

Hello! We had a great week and I love working hard and sharing my testimony of the Savior with these great people!

We went to Costco last P-day, and its been the greatest week of food! Real American milk for breakfast in the morning and just a whole bunch of other goodies we don't normally get, life could not be better in the food department. Taiwanese milk is fake I'm pretty sure....

This week was full of a lot of finding (that's kind of how it goes) and we met some really cool people. I'm grateful for how nice the people are to us here. Its incredible, they love us so much! Random people will come up to us all the time and just offer us all sorts of drinks and snacks. That's something I've really been grateful for this week I swear every day I see something like this: just a random lady who doesn't even know us will buy us a little drink because she feels so bad for us biking out in the blazing sun. I'm grateful to be around such a loving people.

I was reading in Mosiah 24 today and some stuff really hit me. Right here Alma's people are in bondage, and I really feel like I learned a lot of new stuff from it.

 13 And it came to pass that the voice of the Lord came to them in their afflictions, saying: Lift up your heads and be of good comfort, for I know of the covenant which ye have made unto me; and I will covenant with my people and deliver them out of bondage.
 14 And I will also ease the burdens which are put upon your shoulders, that even you cannot feel them upon your backs, even while you are in bondage; and this will I do that ye may stand as witnesses for me hereafter, and that ye may know of a surety that I, the Lord God, do visit my people in their afflictions.
 15 And now it came to pass that the burdens which were laid upon Alma and his brethren were made light; yea, the Lord did strengthen them that they could bear up their burdens with ease, and they did submit cheerfully and with patience to all the will of the Lord.
 16 And it came to pass that so great was their faith and their patience that the voice of the Lord came unto them again, saying: Be of good comfort, for on the morrow I will deliver you out of bondage.

Here the Lord teaches us why we have trials, how we over come them, and a whole lot more. I was especially moved by the part that says the people "did submit cheerfully" and have been thinking a lot about what that means. I don't think it means that we are ever satisfied with our current self, we should never be complacent, but I do think that we need to always have the attitude of Elder Joseph B Wirthlin who said "Come what may, and Love it" 

I love everything thats going on out here, even though sometimes I don't realize it at first.

Love you guys!

Elder Gilbert

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