Taiwan, Taichung Mission

Taiwan, Taichung Mission

Monday, October 24, 2016

Doesn't get better!

Wow, what a great week in Feng Jia!

Right before our baptism with Sister Ji
I think I'll start with the most exciting news of the week, Sister Ji got baptized!!! Having an investigator thats planning on getting baptized always makes the week go by faster, and this was no exception. It seemed like I blinked and it was Saturday! What a cool experience it's been to meet sister Ji. He sister (baptized a few years ago and is a less active member up in the north of Taiwan) gave us her number and helped us get in contact with her. I've never ever taught anyone so prepared in my life! She just accepted all of the doctrine and invites with so much humility and courage. It really didn't feel like we did anything at all, and really we didn't. She was so ready, and just needed someone to show her the path. As we were talking with Sister Ji early on, she shared with us that she really wants to be able to help out her family, but she's been struggling a lot. She believed that the Gospel was going to be a way to help get her life back on track and then act as a way for her to help those she loved. She's been divorced once, and is basically living as a single mom now raising two kids (she remarried, but she's separated from her husband and they don't really talk) Her 11 year old son Evan stepped into the picture after we had met with his mom a few times. He is only 11 but goes to class from 7 am to 8pm at night (and because he's got a big test coming up, its almost 9pm when he gets home) so we didn't really get to meet him at first. He's also become a really solid investigator, but because of the class schedule and some other concerns, we felt like it would be best to focus on his mom first, and then have a chance to really focus on Evan. Just a super cool family, and its been fun to see them change and learn. I think the coolest thing I saw all week, and maybe one of the coolest things I've seen my whole mission happened right after the baptismal service. After we got done we had a dinner at the church with all the members. There's been this one member thats been super depressed lately, and he just looked super sad the whole night. We talked to him, but nothing really seemed to reach him. Anyways, after we got done eating we walked back to the main part of the chapel and saw Sister Ji, sitting down and talking with him. She had literally gotten baptized less than an hour ago, and she was already doing what Alma called "comforting those that stand in need of comfort." Pretty cool to see! Even her daughter loves us now! She wouldn't even look at us in the beginning, and now every time we see her she just chats up a storm and gives us tons of high fives. What a cool family :) Hopefully we can start to make some good progress with Evan, his tests are ending soon! 

Sunday at church with Sister Ji and her family
Besides that it was an eventful week. We had Elder Funk, the Asia area president come speak to us. He's got a pretty big job. Did you know that the Asia area has half of the world's population? He also told us that half of all the church members in the Asia area live in taiwan and 17 of the 35 stakes in the area are all in Taiwan. Obviously a big reason for that is that China is closed to missionary work, but still, cool stats! He focused a lot of his remarks on the fact that Taiwan in now an area where the church is actually matured, and how we need to start being more like missionaries in a mature area of the church. He was super nice and supportive in his comments and I really enjoyed it a lot! 

The great thing right now is that we've got a really awesome pool of investigators to work with. There are a couple really cool investigator referrals we've gotten recently where someone's referred their spouse or girlfriend. Some super cool couples! This area is dripping in gold! 

Love you guys! 

Elder Gilbert

My birthday celebration at an all you can eat buffet

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