Taiwan, Taichung Mission

Taiwan, Taichung Mission

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Making progress

Another week has come and gone! days are getting shorter and its actually getting a little chilly in the night sometimes.

It was a weird week! We just kind of had a lot of stuff going on, especially this weekend.
First update, our investigator Sister Ji is going to most likely get baptized this saturday! That's exciting. Her son is also progressing, but we're going to hold off on the baptism for now, he's not quite all the way there. Things are going good with missionary work, and it was a really good day at church yesterday, had quite a few of the people we're working with there. 

On thursday the AP's called us and told us that we had to go help out with this big 60th anniversary of missionary work in Taiwan thing. The event was on saturday night, so we literally only had one day to go learn what they wanted the missionaries to do. We were able to see President and Sister Blickenstaff who were back for the event, which was really neat. I also saw Elder Park and a few other former companions. Then we had exchanges planned, and I went With Elder Cook. That part was really good. Going on an exchange with an old comp is always a good time :) But then this big event went all afternoon and night, and involved this huge performance where we had to go do stuff in front of literally thousands of members in the big theatre. It was kind of a weird two days and I am kind of glad its over. We were really blessed to still have so many investigators at church given everything going on this week.

We also have Elder Funk coming and doing mission tour this week, so theres just a ton of stuff going on. That's about all the exciting stuff going down. 

I'm super grateful for the ward here. They are so nice to us missionaries, and always giving us food and just caring about us. They're so welcoming to the investigators we bring to church, super warm feeling at church, loving that. I think they are having a real impact on Sister Ji and her son. We also had at church this other college student also this women we met at English class as well as this creation guy that is studying at the college in our area. Lots of good things happening. 
Love you all so much!
-Elder Gilbert

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