Taiwan, Taichung Mission

Taiwan, Taichung Mission

Sunday, October 9, 2016

The real Christmas in the mission field!

Oh my goodness, have I ever mentioned how much I love General Conference?? Well I absolutely love it :)) It was so good, I feel like more than ever I was able to get revelation and answers to questions. I think I can pretty honestly say that I look forward to it more than pretty much any other holiday or big event. 

One pretty cool think that happened. There is a great family that we're meeting with (I talked about them last week). The last name is ji (紀)  (sounds like the letter G). Sister Ji's son (Evan) has been getting ready for baptism but has some beef with the Word of Wisdom. He really like drinking black tea and doesn't know if he can stop. He's only 11 and was super concerned about it so we talked about it with him. He was still kind of iffy toward the the end of the lesson. As we got talking about prophets and general conference, we told him that prophets will answer our questions! His mom and little sister came to watch conference but he couldn't because he had to go to his grandma's house with his dad. We promised him that we would listen really carefully for a talk that could help answer his question. Then... bang!!! President Monson in priesthood talked about the Word of Wisdom! We're going to print it out and give it to him! The Ji's progressing really nicely, and are working hard for the end of October :)

This is a picture of the zone conference we had this week.  President changed our standard goal from 3 new investigators to 7 (our goal is to get 7 new investigators every week!!) which is insane!!!!! 

Just really quick I'll share a thought from conference :

I absolutely loved President Nelson's talk on joy. I thought it was so cool that because of Christ we can literally have joy 24/7 no matter what :) I really want to be able to get to that point! 

Elder Gilbert

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