Taiwan, Taichung Mission

Taiwan, Taichung Mission

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Getting chilly

It's honestly getting cold here. Being down in the south of Taiwan for so long, I think I've kind of become a wimp when it comes to the cold. I'm always freezing when the sun sets.  Thats ok though, because missionary work wise, the Feng Jia ward is on fire :)

Greatest thing of the week probably came hen we stopped by our RC Sister Ji's house. When we got there her son was waiting outside and super excited to see us. Then one of the first things he told us was that he's made a really big decision. then he said "Its such an important one that I'm scared to say it, I want my mom to tell you." Then she told us that Evan wants to get baptized! Everybody was super pumped, and we talked about the plan to get him ready. (He's already ready, but he picked a date for a few weeks from now. At least its a date his family feels good about.)

We just had two new sister missionaries come into the ward, and it got everyone hyped for missionary work! It also helped that yesterday we were able to have a pretty good number of investigators at church. Our gospel principles class has never been more crowded, such a good feeling :) The ward is so great! Bishop sat by me in priesthood and he even joked around with me a little, Then I read this sentence in Chinese on the board and he was in disbelief that my Chinese is getting better!

We've got this married couple named Steven and Miranda that we're working with right now, and they seem to be progressing nicely. We met the wife through English a while ago, and we've been telling her we want to meet her husband really bad. We asked her for every lesson forever, and finally she brought him the other week. The member we brought with us to the lesson last week was talking about the changes that the gospel has brought in her life and then all of a sudden Steven stops her and says "This church is sounds really good for my wife, she needs to get baptized!" haha it was awesome. They both are really good at reading the book of Mormon, and Steven came to church for the first time yesterday. 

Things are going great here, couldn't ask for any more :) Love you guys so much!

-Elder Gilbert

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