Taiwan, Taichung Mission

Taiwan, Taichung Mission

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Interesting week

Well, to say the least this week has been one of the most interesting of my mission... I think I know know why they have us in companionships of two and not three...but we still had some exciting things go down!

First off I'm getting a new companion! Elder Seoane will be moving down south and I'll be getting Elder Aisert. I don't really know much about him... He was trained the same time that I trained Elder Huang so I've seen him a couple of times. Hopefully it goes ok...

Despite the fact that it was a lot harder to teach this week with the tripan, we had a couple of really good things happen.

Steven was super worried about the Word of Wisdom, but after we met with him this week we were able to smooth it all out. A member shared about the blessings they've gotten from it and Steven was fine with living it!

Recently we've been finding some success at the college! College students have usually been pretty flaky since I've been here, but we've got a couple solid investigators who we've been able to work with.

I really enjoyed our Elder's quorm lesson yesterday. We were able to have a great discussion on service. I really like what President Hunter says:

Not all of us are going to be like Moroni, catching the acclaim of our colleagues all day every day. Most of us will be quiet, relatively unknown folks who come and go and do our work without fanfare. To those of you who may find that [thought] lonely or frightening or just unspectacular, I say, you are “no less serviceable” than the most spectacular of your associates. You, too, are part of God’s army.

I think that's a good thought to remember, especially around this Christmas season. Everything we do is accounted for in Heaven, no matter how large or small. I'm growing to appreciate the little things people do for me, and am trying to get better at doing them for others.

Love you all, so grateful for all the love I've felt, so grateful for all the lessons I'm learning out here.
Hope you have a great week :)

-Elder Gilbert

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