Taiwan, Taichung Mission

Taiwan, Taichung Mission

Sunday, December 4, 2016

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

WHOOOO! What a good week!!! So many good things happened, and its going to be the craziest end to the transfer this week. I'll explain why in a minute, but first I'll cover some of the Highlights this week.

So we had a super sweet baptism on Saturday for evan! That family has come so far, and it was such a good meeting. (hahaha except for the youth speaker who gave a little talk at the end. He told everyone how his parents brainwashed him into getting baptized, and he just thought he was going to play in the water. I never laughed harder as he talked about all the things that he hated about church when he was little! Everyone was so appalled, but the night was really good.)

Other investigators are doing good. Steven came to church and told us he's super excited to get baptized. He's got some beef with the Word of Wisdom though, that'll be fun to get over :)

The week has just been SO good. So last year for Christmas I was in the middle of nowhere where I swear half the people had never even heard of Christmas. Great place, but a little lacking on the holiday spirit. Right now I'm in the middle of Taichung, and the contrast is HUGE. There is so much Christmas stuff everywhere, its the best. I just hear Christmas music everywhere and see Christmas decorations in almost every store. The only sad part is the holiday is even more Commercialized than in America. Literally nothing about Jesus... No worries though, I guess we've got a good opportunity to fix that a little.

So why I say its going to be a crazy week is that we just got a call from the assistants last might and told us that elder cook is going to be in a companionship with Elder Seoane and I! Hahaha I'm so excited! So there a bunch of Taiwanese missionaries that are in our mission waiting for their visas to go to their real missions. For some reason they've been having a hard time getting them, so they just come and are missionaries in their own country or a couple of months. A bunch of them just got their visas, so its going to mix up our mission for the next little bit. Elder Cook's comp has to go with another missionary, and the only thing that worked was for him to come over with us! It'll be super fun to be comps with him again! (only till the end of the transfer next week though..) 

Love you all,

Elder Gilbert

My District

Evan & Sister Ji

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