Taiwan, Taichung Mission

Taiwan, Taichung Mission

Monday, January 30, 2017

Big City, Big changes and Chinese New Year!

WOW! What a crazy week! It felt like such a whirlwind and I have no idea how I'm already back in this sketchy internet cafe! 

First off, I am IN LOVE with my new area! I didn't think I could ever move to an area with more people than my last one, but San Min comes close. Gaoxiong has a very different feel than Taizhong. I've wanted to serve in this city my whole mission, so happy to finally be here! 

Elder Larsen is THE BEST! This has been like the best first week with a companion I've ever had. Now that I actually know him I can give some better info on him. He is technically american (dad is, mom is from Taiwan) He grew up in Utah, then his dad worked for foreign services and he spent most of his live in Shanghai. Hong Kong, and Taiwan. His family is in Japan right now. His Chinese so good, probably by far better than any of my companions (maybe even the native Taiwanese one haha) I've already learned a ton from him and am looking to do a lot of good work here together. 

It was pretty weird to move here right before the Chinese New Year (last Saturday). For those of you who don't know they go NUTS here for Chinese new year. Its by far their biggest holiday. The traditions include: Millions of firecrackers going off that are super loud and annoying, eating lots of food with family, blowing all your money gambling, and rejecting the missionaries! Haha this week was a little rough in the finding department. One guy I tried to talk to yesterday was in such a rush/ unwilling to talk to us that he ran over my foot with his scooter! What the heck!  Good news is that we have a couple super sweet investigators, and an awesome ward that is feeding us missionaries a ton of great food! 

In years past the week of Chinese New year has kind of been looked at as a break for the missionaries. We have had permission to spend extra time eating with members and missionaries expectations for the week were very low. I loved the attitude President Teh brought to it this year though. He basically invited us to treat it like a normal week. He brought up the story in the Bible of the Apostles when they had fished all the night and not caught anything. Jesus called to them from the shore and told them to cast their nets out again. Even though they had been working long and hard with no success, they followed the masters command and a miracle followed! He said that was maybe what we had to treat the week like. Elder Larsen and I worked SO hard, but sadly, not as much came from it as we would have liked to see. But as the week came to an end we had some awesome miracles! 

This Brother Li ran into the other elders in our chapel last week and told them he wanted to join our church! Turns out he lives in out\r area and is straight gold! Elder Larsen and taught him the first lesson the other night and he literally said yes to getting baptized before we could get the whole sentence out of our mouths! haha he's super cool!

We have another investigator that treated us to Costco (a whole chicken and a steak bake!) 

Random people have been giving us so much food! A crazy old lady gave us a bunch of noodles the other day and we wee so excited to cook them up, as we were about to pour them in the pot we discovered they expired about as year ago! Besides that it was all really goo food, the Taiwanese people are just so good to us. 

Loving every minute! Missionary life is too good! 

Elder Gilbert

Zone conference this week! All these elders are all going home together.
See elder Cole there? Good times :) Elder larsen is the one in the red tie.

Getting hooked up for Chinese New year, featuring some ancient Asians
My fresh lightsaber pen

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