Taiwan, Taichung Mission

Taiwan, Taichung Mission

Wednesday, January 25, 2017


Hey, oh wow its been a crazy day, and actually last couple of days!! I'll try to give as much info as I can, but kind of in a time crunch!

Big news: I've moved!!! I'm in the heart of the big city!!!! I'm in the Gaoxiong san min ward! I'm super pumped, but also can't believe I left! I've actually spent one day in this area a long time ago, and it was one of my dreams to move here. I've left possibly the most crowed part of Taizhong city and now I'm in one of the most crowed parts of Gaoxiong! My area here is smaller than my last one hahah (The last one was by far the smallest I had served in before)

My new comp's name is Elder Larsen, from Provo, Utah (Except he spent half of his life growing up in Hong Kong/ Shang Hai) His mom is Taiwanese, but he's pretty American :) He actually came on island with me and so I already know him a little. Pumped to get to work with him! I can already tell we'll get along!

At the same time I'm a little sad! I loved Fengjia and everything going on there. I'm going to miss it. I think this might be as sad as I've ever been to leave an area, but at the same time the future is bright! It was a little hard to say goodbye to all the awesome members yesterday. I at least got to see a couple investigators as well. Elder Eisert was a great companion.

Sorry so short! I literally have 3 minutes left!

Elder Gilbert

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