Taiwan, Taichung Mission

Taiwan, Taichung Mission

Sunday, January 8, 2017

I'm fine thank you and you?

If you ask any Taiwanese person "how are you?" in English you have about a 120% chance of getting this exact response. I always mimic them and say it back if they ask me and people loose their minds, they think its pretty funny. Thought it was an appropriate title, because this week was definitely a fine one :)

Actually, as I look back at it, the week started terrible, but it ended really really well.

For some reason, just almost everything fell through this week. The hardest part about this area BY FAR is that people just don't have time. We're just right in the most expensive part of the city. There have been more than a few times where I tell someone that we're contacting that we are "full time" missionaries and can meet with them whenever they have a couple minutes. The response is that they work from before we go out the door in the morning until after we have to go to bed! Its ridiculous, people put in 12 plus hours a day like its nothing! Schooling is the same way. These people love being busy!  Even our ward has it pretty bad. For Example, our Elder's Quorum president is really worried right now because his kids barely know him. He told us that he leaves to work before they wake up and gets home after they go to bed (6 days a week) Its super sad, I feel really bad for these people. So anyways, this week has just been particular bad. The Chinese new year is coming up(Taiwanese Christmas)  and a bunch of people are working overtime to get ready. So like I said, everything just seemed to get cancelled. We had what looked like a pretty good week set up, but for one reason or another a lot of stuff just didn't happen.... The thought that kept coming into my head was "if its supposed to happen, it'll happen"I realize that the Lord is in charge, and there's no reason to stress even when things don't go exactly the way we had hoped. 

I'm grateful for Elder Eisert's positive attitude, and I felt like because of the way we handled a couple of bummer days led to a bunch of miracles.

We realized that even though we couldn't control a lot of things, there was one thing we could, and that was our WORK ETHIC. We went so hard this week. We had a lot of cool stuff in finding.

 This week we ran into a Christian lady that set up to meet with us the next day. As we started talking about the restoration and what we were doing as missionaries, she just got pumped! She kept hitting us with a loud "AMEN" every time we talked about God or how Jesus has helped us. Literally like every 30 seconds she's say it. I felt like I was at like a black baptist gathering or something haha. The coolest part was that when we started sharing about the restoration she agreed with it as well! She acknowledged that it was new, but she didn't argue or anything, it made perfect sense and she's pumped to know more! 

We met a guy from Mainland China this week who doesn't believe in God at all. As we shared our testimony's he was really touched. He asked us "how can I believe in God?" What do I need to do?" we were very happy to answer those questions :)

Just last night we met with a newer investigator for only the second time. As we shared about the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith he told us out of the blue"I think I believe this a little!" 

Its just seems like in the last few days we've ran into so many cool people that are interested. 

On a lighter note, Elder Eisert and I have particularly been fascinated with how terrible the Taiwanese people are at driving around here. Its bad everywhere, but I swear here is worse. Maybe it has something to do with how busy the people are, but I swear in the last week especially I've seen some pretty appalling things. Our favorites include when we saw an ambulance going by that literally no one pulled over for, a guy run a red light and cut another ambulance off, and people just parking in the middle of the road so they can run into a drink shop and buy something quick. Haha this place is never lacking for entertainment if you look for it.

Also dinner last night at the Zhou family's house (that's the part member family we're working with right now). It went so well! Brother Zhou is so humble and progressing nicely. He has started to read the Book of Mormon and told us he believes its true. The best part is that his wife is an awesome cook and we had a meal that consisted of steaks from Costco, a lot of fruit, and Haagen Daaz ice cream :) 

Other investigators are doing good. Might get a little slow with the holiday coming up, but steven came to church again. 

Can't complain, life is real good :)

Elder Gilbert

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