Taiwan, Taichung Mission

Taiwan, Taichung Mission

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Back to normal:))

I just absolutely love it here!!! The city of GaoXiong is just about the greatest in the world. The weather is perfect right now, the people are so cool, my comp is the greatest ever, and we're having an absolute blast preaching the Gospel. 

It was very bittersweet to have the week of Chinese new year celebrations come to an end. Sad, because that means I don't have any more Chinese new years on my mission, but mostly sweet though. Its good to be back to normal. Some of our investigators have come back, and we were able to put in some really good work. I love being with Elder Larsen. We think pretty similar in a lot of ways, and its honestly just been super fun to proselyte with him. 

We felt like during the new year we worked about as hard as we could, but it didn't feel like we got much progress. This week all that hard work paid off. We found quite a few new investigators that are willing to come try it out. In addition to that we are working with a SUPER golden investigator thats on a date for the end of this month.

Church yesterday was really good/funny. Last week we just had a big sacrament meeting with all of the wards because of the New Year, so yesterday was my first real day at church. It was fun to see the ward all together, and get to know some of the members we didn't get a chance to meet during the New Year meals.  I think one of my favorite members is our ward mission leader brother Wu. He is crazy intense! He tries to talk and follow all of our investigators on social media and is super good at talking to them at church. He was making me laugh so hard yesterday as he was talking to our investigator Brother Li. He just started going off about how when he gets baptized he needs to get married and have a bunch of kids as fast as he can. Because most Taiwanese people don't have more than one or two kids he thinks right now is the church's big chance to get powerful by all the members having lots of kids. Apparently the gospel principles class the week before I got here was all about that. He was just going off on the members telling them to have more children. Hahahha He cracks me up. 

All in all it was a great week. I know that when we follow the advice of our leaders and work as hard as we can, the Lord will give us the results that we need. Sometimes not exactly what we want, but what we need. So grateful for HIM and how good He is to me.

Love you all,

Elder Gilbert

Pictures: Look at the familiar faces:  Sister Cordon will be here soon for a fireside and splits with Elder Pothier

There's this huge science museum in our area. Went last p day with some other elders in our district.

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