Taiwan, Taichung Mission

Taiwan, Taichung Mission

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Gaoxiong is GOLD

Amazing week!!!

I feel like I start my letters the exact same way every time, but really I'm just loving it here. Crazy to hear the new announcement about Dad.  I can't believe we're going back to Utah! For me, its almost like we never left.

We've been really working hard and are seeing some really cool things come of it. I feel like the Lord is always blessing us so much, but a lot of times not really in the ways I expect or want. Elder Larsen and I have been SO tired this week. It's so satisfying though and I just feel so good about how its all going. Elder Larsen and I are really excited for our investigator Li Jian Zhi (李建志). He should be having his baptismal interview on Saturday, things looking great for him! We have a couple really supportive ward members, but still working on others.... Our ward mission leader just got that Power of everyday missionaries book by Clay Christensen and he's going nuts about missionary work.  We all hope the whole ward gets on board with his same enthusiasm! 

We got awakened by an Earthquake in the middle of the night as our apartment was shaking like crazy! That was pretty fun! 

Another highlight we've discovered is this huge morning market.  We started to go out on an early run and then on our way back buy super cheap veggies and fruits!

A slight disappointment of the week was finding out that one of our investigators, "Name", is moving. Ya his English name is literally Name! He speaks really good English. He knows almost everything and was super excited to get baptized. He is moving up north and at first was planning on driving down twice a week to meet with us and come to church!  We explained to him there's other missionaries up there and are getting him hooked up with them. Should be a smooth transition! Not really a disappointment I guess, but he was really cool.  I'm sad that we won't be able to see him make the last few steps before baptism! Oh well, team missionary I guess? 

We were able to find some really great people though, we have a lot of newer investigators coming up! We met with this mom and daughter the other day and she's already read to the Words of Mormon and loving it! Another guys stopped us in the middle of us sharing about the gospel and asked us what he needs to do to meet Heavenly Father.  He seemed super pumped about everything! Just a lot of miracles, the people of Gaoxiong are the best, so many prepared people! I'm honestly just having a great time being out on the streets and talking with everyone. It's just a blast to serve with Elder Larsen.

Having the time of my life,
love you all so much!!

-Elder Gilbert

ALl of us go home together. Probably can recognize a couple familiar faces. So many awesome elders and great friends!! (Elder Cole, Elder Wilkinson the one who was on that j jazz team with me, my comp elder Larsen, and I'm standing right next to Elder Trotter greatest mtc comp of all time)

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