Taiwan, Taichung Mission

Taiwan, Taichung Mission

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Round 2

Well great news! Elder Larsen is staying here with me! He's been here since September, and usually missionaries don't stay this long. We were both super surprised, but PUMPED! 

Good thing Elder Larsen's staying because in all honesty it would have been a pretty bummer week to end on. It seems like ever since since we had our baptismal interview fiasco last week things have just been falling apart left and right. One of our most interested investigators failed some really big test he had, and now is super depressed and doesn't want to meet with us. We had another cool one who just stopped answering our calls. It just felt like all the work from the last couple weeks had just fallen through. As the week was coming to a close I was pretty frustrated. Both Elder Larsen and I have been working so hard and trying our best, but just keep hitting a brick wall. As I was kind of grumbling internally and thinking about all the problems we were having I was just totally smacked in the face by the spirit with this: " He that findeth his life shall lose it: and he that loseth his life for my sake shall find it." then basically the thought that I need to get more lost in the work and not worry so much about the outward results. Pretty cool. What I kind of hate but love about the mission is how everything is just so dependent on the Lord. After that experience and some pondering I realized that the only things I was frustrated about were things that I can't do anything about. That kind of changed my outlook on things, and I swear that right as I realized that things started to turn around! 

We met this guy last week that told us he's super interested in the latter day saints. This caught us off guard because almost nobody knows that we are called that. They usually think that every church is all the same and its juts one big church, or they think we're "Mormons" (we have a name in chinese too) and don't really get it. But this guy has a friend who is in our church and has been interested for a while. He came to church for all three hours and loved it! He stayed for like 45 minutes afterwards and just got to know members and talked with them. He's pretty into it so we'll see how that goes.

Our ward's really warming up to us as well! Sunday was by far my favorite one yet. The members were great to our new investigator and super nice to us. I went up to one of the brothers that gave a talk and told him I really liked it. He responded that he wants to take us out to Mcdonalds! Haha He was so happy that someone liked his talk! 

We also ran into one of our old investigators yesterday! It turns out that it wasn't because he wasn't interested that he stopped answering our calls, just phone problems. SO we're going to start meeting again!! 

Hard week, but so good for me, awesome end as well! Loving it!

Elder Gilbert

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