Taiwan, Taichung Mission

Taiwan, Taichung Mission

Sunday, April 2, 2017

One to remember

Another week in the books! I can't believe conference just happened, I feel like it was literally a week ago when we were talking about last general conference! 

Best part of the week by far was Brother Chen Shi Ming getting baptized and confirmed this weekend!! What a great time. He bore a really powerful testimony after his baptism and at fast and testimony meeting yesterday. Its really cool to see how confident he is and how much the ward members love him. Most investigators we bring to church (and most Taiwanese people for that matter) are kind of timid around people they don't know and its a little hard to get used to everything at church. It was a very different experience teaching Brother Chen the past little while. He just had such a desire to learn and understand what was going on. He's always ask great questions at church and in our lessons, and was super outgoing in getting to meet the ward members. After his baptism he bore a really cool testimony of the Book of Mormon and how hits really guiding him like the iron rod in Lehi's dream! At church on Sunday he talked about how he's excited to be able to start enduring to the end!!! So fun and blessed to be able to work with someone like that! This works really not about us at all. 

The baptism this week helped me to reflect on how cool it was to actually find Brother Chen. So I don't know if you'll recall or not, but a little while ago we had a super great investigator who disappeared  a week before his baptism. He was awesome and completely ready, but then just gone. That was super hard for Elder Larsen and I. It seemed like just about everything fell apart right then, we literally had nothing going good for us. I don't know why, but I remember when that happened that I just had calming feeling that everything was working together for our good, and I don't think I stressed about it as bad as I previously would have. We had some really hard and challenging days with just about nothing but finding the next week. It was the week after the investigator disappeared that in the middle of a hot sunny afternoon with not a ton of people out on the street we ran into Brother Chen. All we did was say hi and that we liked his shoes, then he got all excited as he turned around and said "You guys are the latter day saints, I've been really interested in what you're doing for a while now!" God answers prayers! Things have slowly been picking up ever since. In retrospect, all that happened to us has made me a lot more grateful for Brother Chen and has helped me to realize that on the mission there's a lot of things outside of our control, but also a lot of things we can do to overcome our circumstances. We've had some pretty tiring and hard days with a lot of rejection, but have seen a lot of miracles. We've also been having an absolute BLAST together. I am loving my time with Elder Larsen, things are just so good right now!!

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