Taiwan, Taichung Mission

Taiwan, Taichung Mission

Monday, June 12, 2017

All over the place

Busy one this week! We had a lot of lessons and people that we are working with. This week felt like it was full of a little bit of everything!

I guess I'll start off with the disappointing news. One of our progressing investigators Jim got into some anti Mormon stuff and its really hurt his testimony. Really not good actually.. Bummer! It kind of came out at Church yesterday that he feels his answer hasn't come yet and he doesn't know if he should keep trying. Oh well, I can honestly say that no investigator I've ever taught has had a better chance to accept the Gospel, but its looking like we'll probably drop him when we meet next..

Besides that it was a really killer week! Miracles all over!

Our neighbors came to church this week again!! Our relief society president is super good to them. The hard part is the mom is super Buddhist. She's willing to learn, but its going to take some patience :)

We are meeting with another really cool guy named Ethan. In the first five minutes of our first lesson he brought up that he's always really wanted to attend church services and asked us if he would be allowed to come! haha he was so prepared! because of going on exchanges all the time I had actually met with him a couple of time without Elder Coats. Finally yesterday he got to meet him and we had a great day at church!

We had a cool experience with one of our newer investigators, Louis, the other day. We had taught him the first half of the plan of salvation, but not had the time to talk about what happens after we die. The next time we met with him he immediately brought it up and said "I've been really wanting to know what the rest of this plan is about. I've been thinking about it ever since last time we met.

Our recent convert Chen shi ming has a friend that wants to learn about the church! We're meeting with him tonight! Member work is just the best!

We actually have a really big investigator pool right now. Especially exciting is that a lot of them are really cool young guys! The members (particularly the Bishop) keep getting really excited to see these people at church. If only we could get over that baptism hump! We're working hard on it. A few of those investigators have baptismal goals, but things like anti Mormon keep wrecking us haha. Its a fun cycle.

We were so sad on Jim, but we did learn a good lesson from him! He's been doing all these things so well (reading scriptures, coming to church, praying) despite this, he still hasn't felt an answer! That could be for a number of reasons, but it made us think of a talk by Elder Wilford Anderson called "The Music of The Gospel" He talks about "dance steps" as well as "music" as a analogy to our learning the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We learn the dance steps with our minds, but we hear the music with our hearts. The dance steps of the gospel are the things we do; the music of the gospel is the joyful spiritual feeling that comes from the Holy Ghost. It brings a change of heart and is the source of all righteous desires. The dance steps require discipline, but the joy of the dance will be experienced only when we come to hear the music.

I'm glad that I've really been able to feel the Joy of the Gospel here on my mission! Makes everything so much better!

Love you all,
Elder Gilbert

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