Taiwan, Taichung Mission

Taiwan, Taichung Mission

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Dragon boats and families

Another great one! This past Tuesday in Taiwan was the Dragon Boat Festival! I don't know a ton about the holiday to be honest, just that they race dragon boats and eat this weird rice triangle things. All I know is school was out on Monday/Tuesday and there were a TON of families to talk with, it was a blast! We also got to go out and watch some of the boat races on P-day! It felt very cultural, but was pretty overrated. 

I have no idea where this week went! We had a couple exchanges as well as a zone conference and stake conference yesterday. I literally blinked and I'm back here in the internet cafe! 

We had a really good meeting with the Zone and President and Sister Teh! We talked a lot about repentance and the doctrinal purpose of missionary work. Something I've learned from President Teh is the value of repetition and review. We seem to go over very similar things every meeting. President told us that his instruction before leaving to the field was that if he wants to teach the missionaries anything he has to do it 7 times in 7 different ways. He also talked about how at General Conference subjects are repeated because we really need to learn the lessons. 

Since we had the Tehs in our area the whole weekend because of zone and stake conference, we had the opportunity to have them join one of our lessons with our investigator Jim! It was quite possibly the coolest experience of my mission! We are really lucky that Jim speaks perfect English (the Tehs don't really speak Chinese). Jim has been struggling to understand why we need a Savior and the importance of Christ. We read some of 2nd Nephi 2 with him and talked about it. President and Sister Teh did such an amazing job testifying of the Savior and how they got their answer from the Book of Mormon. President did a really good job explaining why we need the Atonement. It was such a powerful lesson! Seemed to be perfect for Jim!! 

We also had a really great time last night with a newer family we are working with (I think I talked about them last week) We had a FHE last night with them and our relief society president's family. it was weird, we all live in the same apartment complex! We talked about how we can strengthen our families through prayer and scripture study! The message really seemed to resonate with sister Wang (the investigator mom) she is a single parent (we have SO many of those in our ward) who moved here from mainland China. She really likes the atmosphere at church, We're excited to see what happens with them. 

Juest reviewed President Monson's talk from Preisthood session. Short, but Powerful! 

Let us examine our lives and determine to follow the Savior’s example by being kind, loving, and charitable. And as we do so, we will be in a better position to call down the powers of heaven for ourselves, for our families, and for our fellow travelers in this sometimes difficult journey back to our heavenly home.

Loving it here! So much good going on! 

Elder Gilbert

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